Chapter 67
Page 1
Aiolia - What an absurd pressure he emanates !! But .... if I back down I will not be able to return. He turns on me !! I need to keep moving !! Here I go!!
Page 2
Aiolia - take a lightning bolt packed with all the cosmos that I can generate !!
Page 3
Aiolia - a wall of flames ?! He repelled the blow ?! He cannot cross it!
Page 4
Aiolia - Can he cross that wall of fire? His figure walking through the incandescent lava ... in the midst of this world of darkness ...
Page 5
Aiolia - He is like a true fire god, glowing red hot ....
Hyperion - now it’s my turn ... golden lion.
Page 7
Aiolia - the ouroboros who commands the infinite ..... materialized again !! He uses dunamis much more efficiently than I do !! I need to take distance ... if not he catches me !! a tsunami of flames ?!
Page 8
Aiolia - and it's coming with everything !! No need to retaliate with more dunamis !! he will always have an advantage over me! All I have left is launching my entire cosmos! Lightning Plasma
Page 11
Milo - he's getting on well ... but ...
Aldebaran - that's not enough to win.
Shura - Facing a god with the same power as his, the only possible result is self-destruction.
Shaka - And neither is the case of using an equal strength of attribute.
Page 12
Camus - if the two chose this moment, these lands and this exact place to fight ... this must be the work of destiny.
Milo - The important thing now is to find a way to beat the adversary. He is always one step ahead of us. We need to think of a way to overcome it, otherwise we will be defeated. And now? if it continues like this, the one who will end up losing the fight ... Aiolia!
Page 13
Milo - what! the same blow, again ?!
Hyperion - Do not think that I will allow you to hit me again.
Aiolia - Do not even need it ... because I'm going to hit you.
Page 14
Hyperion - are you sure? as far as I know, this blow died.

Aiolia - Do not run away. Just stand there to see if it’s dead or not.
Hyperion - Your movements seem slower ... he must be with the body very heavy ... therefore, it needs to appeal to more powerful blows. It's ok. I'll allow the knife. Throw in me everything you own ....
Page 15
Hyperion - for I will rebuke it, and with this I will defeat you. If this is the destination, of course.
Aiolia - Perfect. This destiny has been haunting me for a long time. I'll show you how to change this thing too.
Hyperion - It is impossible for a human to change the destiny that is written ...
Aiolia - Yes, it's possible. For the power to change destiny is something that all the living beings of the earth carry within themselves. It’s something you, gods will never understand.
Page 16
Hyperion - Are you saying that there is a force that men can have? a power that even the gods do not know? What is the name of this power?
Aiolia - It is a power that you, gods, need not have, because you have eternal life ... something that the gods have abandoned and that has become the supreme force of humans ... nor is it such an extraordinary thing. Anyone can have it. It is the one that is always lost. With it .... we are able to erect ourselves as many times as we need ...
Page 17
Aiolia - the name of this power is hope.
Page 18
Lithos - and now? where shall we go down? I need to find the master Aiolia soon ....
Cronus - I do not remember anything ... I can not even get out of here.
Lithos - Do not worry. Let's find a way around this! And just do not give up until the end ... that the road will always be open.
Page 19
Cronus - Is this the force of hope that every human being says he possesses within himself?
Lithos - Who's there? Who is that?
Zeus created a woman to bring disgrace to mankind. He handed her a box that should no longer be opened. But Zeus had also given the woman the gift of curiosity ... called pandora. She ended up getting carried away by the crowd and opened the box.
Page 20
Out of it came the most varied sort of disgrace ... but ... only hope was left in the box.
Lithos - Say ... who are you?
Let me see ... here, I suppose I'll be ... your “hope”.
Page 21
If you want to come down, I can help you. I'll create a ladder that will take you down there. Not that it's too safe. Is ready. You can go down. But with courage, I know you will.
Page 22
Lithos - of fear, but I think we can ... and just go down slowly ... I think ...
ah! Thank you very much sir! now we can get out of here ... uh ... he's gone? Was it a god who came to save us?
Cronus - who knows?
Lithos - Anyway..we should try to get off !!!
Page 23
Lithos - because it is the determination to never give up ... that keeps our hope alive !!
You’re turning your whole cosmos into photons ... to launch it into the shape of your fist. And it is much faster to gather photons. It is a blow that was carved in the middle of the fight ....
Page 24
Milo - again. an unexpected defense made of incandescent lava !!
Aldebaran -Will Aiolia be able to cross this barrier?
Page 25
Aiolia - eschatos dunamis
Hyperion - He used the dunamis to get rid of the flames ... but that ... does not mean he dodged the blow !! It is useless to think about facing me again. Next time, I'll take your right arm again ... and this time, it would completely disintegrate !!
Page 26
Hyperion - the lightning bolt made of dunamis !! Are you repelling me ?! If he decided to use the dunamis he has in this defense ... then ... where were all those photons he gathered?
Page 27
Hyperion - with the left arm ?!
Aiolia - As I said, I still have one more fang!!
Page 28
Hyperion - lose?! Me?! It can not be ... It's not possible … uh ?! hmmm !!
Aiolia - I hit him !!
Page 29
Hyperion - I can not be defeated!
Page 30
Hyperion - I can not be defeated .. not at all.
Aiolia - me neither!