SD-WAN essential safety requirements

What kind of security strategy should enterprises use in order to enjoy the convenience brought by SD-WAN? In response to increasingly complex security challenges, the following are four security strategies for SD-WAN solutions:

1. Adhere to the original NGFW protection

First, organizations must choose an SD-WAN solution with built-in NGFW security. This native security enables consistent detection and protection across the entire SD-WAN (from branch to cloud to core).

Even if the SD-WAN network changes and adapts to changing network requirements, the native security features of this SD-WAN solution can protect business data and applications as if they were local, dynamically adapting to changes in the connected environment.

2. Integration is the foundation

Deploying a stand-alone security solution will only add to the already complex architecture of the existing distributed network itself. Therefore, the security policy chosen by the enterprise for SD-WAN deployment should be easily and seamlessly integrated into the existing security architecture.

By providing transparent network security views, centralized management control, and threat intelligence sharing and correlation, SD-WAN solutions can be used as part of a security architecture to provide enterprises with a more secure state of security.

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