Chapter 70
Page 1
Defteros - The power overflows ... this is the power of the Gold Cloth... that was delivered to my elder brother, aspros …
Page 2
Defteros - the power of light!
Page 5
Degel - He did it .... he destroyed kokalo's weapon ... now, his fighting power falls dramatically.
Ema - Kokalo .... the bhuj of my brother .... damn ... damn ...
Kokalo - How…..
Defteros - Now you have no way to end the fight. You and your berserkers are finished ...
Page 6
Aspros - I must assume that this is going well so far.
Page 7
Aspros - The legendary attack that controls the opponent's mind, wielded only by the Pope, the Demon fist! Although it has guided him from the brain, it was not the cause of his rebirth, but ... berserkers are now puppets. Kill the shadow that attacked the place that belongs to them. Take his Cloth and pluck his head off!
Page 8
Aspros - You, who are also an older brother, know well .... the humiliation of being betrayed by your own younger brother ....
Page 9
Defteros- He stood up
Kokalo - Your….head...for….a gold coin…
Ema - brother....
Kokalo - if I can do more
Page 10
Kokalo - I can live ... with my brother ema!
Page 13
His attack grew stronger. Even without his weapon....
Page 14
Kokalo - Give me ... your head!
Page 15
Ema - brother, he ... got him.
Defteros - It's hot. Could it be that the weapon I destroyed ... has been restored with your cosmos?
Page 16
Defteros - No ... it has not been restored!
Page 17
Defteros- His power was not suppressed ... even when his body had collapsed! You also refuse to believe that this is over. Are you planning to die with me?
Page 18
Kokalo - Collect all the skulls! No exception! Everyone will disappear!
Ema - Brother ... do not do this ...
Defteros - I will not allow it!
Page 20
Degel - But what a great warrior. This kokalo has released the flames of Ares all over his body. I do not understand this suicidal act. Despite being a warrior, he possesses something strange ... as if he were no more than just a broken puppet .....
Page 21
Ema - Brother ... where is this? Coming back together ... cost us a lot, and it was distressing ...
Page 22
Ema - I do not want ... I do not want ... these words again!
Page 23
Kokalo - Oh ... there's no one else ... no more heads … it’s a nightmare, none of them has a head .... now, I can no longer exchange them for gold. My little brother will also be in trouble.
Page 24
Ema - but what are you talking about, brother? your brother is me Besides, we've already left that arena! We were both elected by Lord Ares! Is not that why we decided to fight? Tell me ... you do not recognize me? Brother!
Page 25
Kokalo - I'll take your noisy head.
Page 27
Defteros - Why did you surrender? Your brother was about to take your head!
Ema - And you call yourself an enemy? Do not mess with what's none of your business!
Defteros - Listen, Ema! This guy is not your brother anymore! He must be being manipulated by whoever planned this fight. He will not return to normal until someone dies before your eyes!
Ema - It is? in that case...
Page 28
Ema - Killing me would have been a good idea. You people in the sanctuary think we're fools. For me it's okay to be betrayed and killed again. since this is my oldest brother. I told you, did i not? That my older brother is my whole world.
Defteros - What....
Page 29
Defteros - But you will not exist anymore! How to live without keeping a shadow of your older brother?
Ema - There is? This is me: I am not light or shadow! I do not think you understand what ... living for your older brother means!
Defteros - You!
Page 31
Ema- brother, with this ... I'll be sorry I do not need my brother anymore … even if my head is not worth a gold coin ... if I can make my brave brother back to normal, then .....
Page 32
Defteros - Stop, Emma!
Ema - I look sad, Gemini? but this is good
Defteros - stop!
Page 35
Defteros - His eyes changed ... the death of his brother recovered him. It was your older brother ....
Page 36
Kokalo - Who has freed us from the seal and brought us into the difficulties of the present world. And also made me fight with my younger brother to .... create a hell!
Page 37
Defteros - I'll stop you at all costs.
Kokalo - These are... the words of someone who wants to come back alive.
Defteros - Yes....
Page 38
Defteros - I will defeat you and return! I can exist as myself! I will never again depend on my brother .... I will approve my position as a shadow ...
Kokalo - You too .... have been in hell.
Page 39
Defteros - Aspros, all because ... there is a great darkness in your heart ... you are someone who needs light .... I will devour that light!
Page 40
Aspros - it seems that the control was not enough ... as I imagined, I must complete my learning of the Demon Fist.
Page 41
Defteros - Hey, Devil. Why are you so pensive? Any urgent matters?
Degel - Your younger brother asked me to give you back the Gemini Cloth. He is exhausted by having to fight and destroy a barrier. That's why I followed the resonance with Aquarius.].
Aspros - Oh, you met Defteros? He is calm and a good person, right?
Degel - Yes ... although it seems to you, deep down it does not look like at all.
Page 42
Degel - It seems that he and I were good friends. I'll give you the details as soon as your mission is over. As soon as you return, there will be the choice for the position of next Pope. I will pray for the result to be favorable.
Aspros- naturally.
Page 43
Degel - I returned the Cloth. Are you really okay with that?
Defteros - The Cloth is my brother's. It was for it that he tried so hard, while I just stared.
Page 44
Degel - but the armor elected you!
Defteros - I'll wait for my brother's return. I must guarantee myself ... only then can I create my own path.
So there are still hopes of ... reaffirming my own existence.