3 interesting things about copiers you didn’t know

A copier is a ubiquitous office device with a telephone and desk. As such, you don’t think there are many things you didn’t know about copiers, and you’re probably right. However, there are two or three more interesting things in these machines that will surprise you. Here are three surprisingly funny facts you didn’t know.

You cannot copy money to the latest color copiers

If you are banking on purchasing the latest copier for your office as a cash register, think again! Today’s copiers have features that recognize the ingrained https://olentaalla.fi/ pattern in the currency. If you try to copy money on these machines, they will mark the copies produced as useless. Therefore, while you may be lucky to be in possession of state rare currency paper, your modern office copier is not going to be a money-making tool.

Many copier repairs are the result of people sitting on top of them!

More than one-fifth of all copier damage is caused by too much pressure on the glass behind someone. It always feels like the best place to put our backs when you take drinks in the office, but it can be very embarrassing to call the support team because you sat at the copier. Avoid the photocopier room when drinks arrive.

Arthritis sparked copier innovations

You probably know that Chester Carlson planned copying in the late 1930s, but you probably don’t know that his research was encouraged by chronic arthritis, which he developed during his years as a lawyer by writing handwriting brochures. Carlson’s arthritis meant he had to endure severe pain in every word he managed to draw. As a result, he began to invent the copier..