Chapter 79
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Cronus - I do not believe in this thing that you call peace on earth. It’s something invented by Zeus. A false peace! To get hold of the land ... how many crimes ... did zeus commit ... under the light of the earth ... of which you are so proud …
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Cronus - Say, protector of Athena, goddess of war, how can you be so sure that your justice is not as mischievous as his?
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Cronus - I saw with my own eyes the dishonorable struggle of Zeus ... I listened with my own ears ... the armaments armed by him against Hades, his own brother. Saints of Athena ... The Gold Saints! Tell me ... how can you believe this?
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Cronus - Because I know! the peace of your land ... is a facade. The justice that you boast ... is distorted. An illusory peace!
Aiolia- In your eyes ... it may seem ... but for me ... this peace is real. Because I trust the two men who believed in this peace.
Cronus - Who?
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Aiolia - My servant, who trusted me and guided me here ... Galan Steiner. And my brother, who loved me and whom I fought ... the one who believed in the peace of the land and the justice of Athena ... until his death! Aiolos, the Gold Saint of the house of Sagittarius …
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Aiolia - It’s for them I believe. This is the world and the peace that the people I love wanted to protect. This is the most precious justice that the people I love wanted to defend. So this is the only truth for me.
Shura - I believe in the justice of the hearts of those who love peace!
Aldebaran - I swore to Athena ... who would defend peace on earth.
Camus - Protecting the people from the earth is my destiny .....
Milo - Nonsense, justice was not meant to be questioned!
Shaka - Protect and fight ... that's the fate of a Saint!
Page 7
Cronus - This is what you call peace .... and justice? Even knowing of the conspiracy revealed by mythology, you still insist on defending the land? So, I'll show you my justice, too. In the form of a unique and radiant gem. Until recently, I did not own anything .... I was without strength to fight ... or able to protect me! but now ... I've recovered everything! My divine weapon, my ruling planets, my armor... and my divine strength too ....
Page 8
Cronus - And you, Litos ...
Lithos - Yes?
Cronus - It was you ... who gave me all this! You took my hand ... and gave me strength to take a step ... towards the world out here.
Page 9
Cronus - For me, you are ... an irreplaceable life! A real and brilliant gem!
Page 10
Cronus - For you, I would create a new land! I will eliminate all the lives that exist today ... to create a world of light, just for both of us.
Shura - His eyes .. returned to being serene as before! This god is very unstable ....
Aldebaran - poor god ... he does not know who to trust. So he chose the girl who held out his hand to him ... as his support.
Shura - He does not have the nature of a king ... that must be why he was manipulated and placed in that position.
Shaka - The fragility of this god .... comes to give me sadness ....
Page 11
Aiolia - I'm sorry but I can not let you take it. I promised Lithos’s father... that I would protect her with my own life ..
Lithos - Cronus! I am the servant of Master Aiolia! That's why ... I'm his. Besides ... I already told you, Cronos. The land is nobody's …
Page 12
Lithos - And that includes you ... the peace of the earth ... and all the lives that exist in it.
Cronus - If my precious stone is not mine ... it means that the only thing I must protect here ... is myself ... right?
Aiolia - His dunamis will spread! Back, Litos.
Cronus - You stole my heart ... and I will not forgive you for it! Your justice ... your peace ... the living beings ... this land of illusions ..
Page 13
Cronus - May all die burned in flames!
Aiolia - This attack .... turns with a power much greater than the previous !!
Shura - Smoke ... explosive! Much bigger than before! His dunamis multiplied!
Page 14
Shura - Excalibur. Not good? I could not hold back it all!
Page 15
Camus - Diamond Dust. I could not get everything. The dunamis is immense !!
Cronus - Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !! Did you see that? Nothing can be done against me. Humans are not capable !! They die incapable. fall into the Tartarus... along with your repentance!
Page 16
Aiolia - There is nothing .... we can not do !!
Cronus - Insolent!! He passed through the three soldiers and reached me ?! You mean the others distended the soldiers, while he was holding me ?!
Aiolia - I'm sorry for the position you were put in ... but ... that's no excuse to kill people out of sheer egotism. Nobody has a right to do such a thing ... not even a god. If you are... a god that has lived since mythological times ... you should have other priorities.
Page 17
Aiolia - With protecting lives and building a future !! Not become an evil god, stuck in the past!
Cronus - Future? I do not care, after you destroy them and take them .. behind Zeus. It is his future that I will destroy.