Chapter 68
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Aspros - What is this star of foreboding? Two brothers alone in the world .....
Page 3
Aspros - It is my future, and I'm wearing a surplice ... and my brother is wearing the Gold Cloth ... who is really the star of bad omen? I have to hide this ... this future ...
Page 4
Aspros - It should not happen !! Do you plan to belong to someone other than me?
Page 5
Aspros - And yet, I was approved, was I not? Gemini... that's it. I will not hesitate. I will use all possible methods.
Page 6
These warriors without a head came out of craters ... could it be ...
Page 7
Defteros - Is it true that the berserkers were sealed in the coliseum?
Degel - Why do they come right now?
Defteros - The seal of athena in this place was very effective .... but I feel this slight trace of cosmo behind all this …
Page 8
Degel - The temperature in the coliseum suddenly fed! No, it's not that ... the coliseum is burning ... it's not a simple heat pulse ... this is ....
Page 9
Berserkers - What we hear ..... the cries of the pain of our enemies ... that feeling! Glory to the god of war, ares!
Page 10
Long life to the army and all the flames! Athena and the sanctuary .... shall perish! Death!
Degel - The coliseum became a burning hell ... not what would have happened if I had not been wearing gold Cloth… Are you okay Defteros? It’s useless, he received the flames directly in his body!
Page 11
Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Ema!
Page 12
Degel - The flames coming from this man ... grinding power not move yet! Your body is burning terribly.
Defteros - I do not want to know! I will fight!
Degel - Hey!
Page 13
-a gold coin for your head
Page 14
-That was the reward for my brothers! but that's not enough for you! I had to see my brother's head fall before my eyes! Taking everyone's heads in the sanctuary will not be enough! Not for my older brother !!
Page 15
-Don’t you agree, scum? They are finished, saints of Athena!
Page 16
-Receive our lament!
Page 17
Degel -What are you going to do? I will not allow you to go alone! Not just berserkers .... without Cloth and with these horrible wounds, you’re already at a disadvantage .... Besides, this fellow and his decapitated brother, of whom he spoke ... I suppose the brothers are the calamity of the army and all of the flames.
Page 18
Defteros - And? Am I not the suspect of killing the Pythias?
Degel - You did not do that, right? but there's something I should ask you … Let's join our forces. I'll let you live and I'll take you to the Pope. Even if it's just for now, trust me. I beg you.
Page 19
Ema - They seem to know a little about us! We are both as one! Brothers, the calamity of the Ephodos army! Kokalo of Bhuj, and his younger brother, Ema of Jamadhar!
Degel - Freezing shield!
Page 20
Degel - What are these flames? This is impossible! They melted my freezing shield!
Ema - Want an explanation? My flames are the flames of His Majesty Ares! I can destroy this fragile ice curtain ....
Page 21
Ema - In an instant! I'll cut your gold Cloth in pieces!
Degel - Stop talking nonsense!
Page 23
Defteros - Degel .... I thank you for trusting and wanting to fight alongside someone who has been hiding all his life. My brother was everything to me ... my lifestyle did not allow me to contact other people until now. To be honest, without my understanding my brother. I have nothing to say about the death of the Pythia, but ....
Page 24
Defteros - And in the shadow of this battle we find ourselves the answer! So ... I should take care of this guy! And I can discern, coming out of my brother's world!
Page 25
Degel - You …
Ema - but what an interesting guy! Are you going to break up by yourself? Do you leave your brother's world?
Defteros - That's it. On the contrary, I can not stand before him!
Ema - You're not going to do either one or the other.
Page 26
Ema - My older brother will always be my older brother. Even if everyone became my enemy.
And I, his youngest brother, would never betray him!
Defteros - It’s a great self-confidence, without a doubt ... yes, I'm only alive because I have my older brother.
Ema - You see? As long as I can remember ... we were both in a strange place where they wanted to kill us. For a gold coin ... the enemy ripped off his head and put it in his bag.
Page 27
Ema- Defeat is death..
Page 28
Kokalo - do not give up, Ema! Do not let them take your head! We ... we'll get out of this fucking place anyway! We'll take everyone's heads in exchange for money! Intrusion! Get them!
Page 29
Ema - Brother!
shut up, damn it! The punishment for ignoring rules is death!
Ema - Brother ... me too ....
Page 30
Ema - I'll protect my brother! In other words, I lived next to my brother. I'm alive, thank you, my brother. even so....
Page 32
Ema - That is why I will never forgive the people of the sanctuary! The people who plucked my brother's head in front of me! Sanctuary .... give me back ... give me back my brother's head!
Page 33
Ema - Take this! Cremation storm!
Degel - This is the technique that destroyed my freezing shield! Get out, Defteros!
Page 34
Ema - He said he wanted to leave his brother's world .....
Page 35
Ema - My world died when they killed my older brother .... if it’s what you want, I will fulfill your will. Your head will fall !!
Degel - Defteros
Page 36
Ema - our bonds are different from yours. What is it? The space around this guy is changing.
Page 37
Ema - What is this?!
Page 38
Ema - The flames did not reach you? His body was hidden in this dimension .... does it mean that Master Ares's flames ... did not work? Who are you?
Defteros - a moment ago you mentioned bonds.... no doubt they existed between us, when we were boys … But what does it feel now, between us ....
Page 39
Defteros - And that's what fate wanted!
Degel - Galaxies ... from your fist ... this power, it’s the cosmos of ... it’s the Gemini…
Page 41
Degel - Galaxies were released by the fists of Defteros. as in the strongest Gemini technique, the Galaxian explosion! This man, I already knew .... has the qualities of the Gemini Saint!
Page 42
Defteros - The next blow will kill him!
Ema - Do you think a guy like you ... is going to cause me problems until my brother resuscitates?
Page 43
Enough already, ema. Sorry for the delay in awakening.
Defteros - This cosmos …
Kokalo - let us return with Master Ares! Now it will be time to take the head of athena and her saints!

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