Chapter 75
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Shion - You again. I feel your voice more clearly, this time. Come to me quickly ........
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Shion - I wore the Aries Cloth!
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These are the dreams of the Cloth. But they are different from what I have seen so far ..... they are the dreams of that Aries .....
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-Are you all right? Shion!
Shion- Yuzuriha .... tokusa .... I'm still going ....
-Yes, you were screaming because of a nightmare.
Shion - What time is it?
-I do not know, but there's still time for dawn ...
Shion-I understand.
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-Where are you going?
Shion- To get some air ......We will train as soon as the sun rises. Relax a little.
Tokusa- yuzuriha ..... I wonder if Shion is well ....
Yuzuriha - tokusa...he's been having nightmares. It could be that ..
Tokusa - I realized ..... I think he is sad because the master does not want to give him the Cloth or he wants so much .... I wonder why. He is strong enough to be nominated.
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Tokusa - However, I remember that the master once said .... that Shion was easily seduced by the voice of armor ....
[5 years before the holy war]
Come soon in this place .....
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Shion - It is said that the Aries Cloth rests somewhere in these mountains. Looking down at the tomb of the former Aries Saint since the end of the last holy war.
I called you every day .... more and more, I feel clearly that your voice comes from the ...
I have to go ... I want to go after it as soon as possible. I want to get there!
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Shion - But ...... I still can not. because? because I do not have permission? Or maybe it’s because….
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Shion - My powers still immature? Who's there?
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-Ah, damn .... I was going to take a nap before dawn ..... but did you need to stone me?
Shion - I do not know what made you angry, but .... erase that fire of yours! And you should not be hiding like a thug! Explain your reasons!
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Shion - Cancer Manigoldo!
Manigoldo - Hey! Is that the way you talk to me? Tell me, boy, don’t you get tired of looking like grandpa hakurei?
Shion - Do not call the master of others “grandpa” . Besides, you have to try to look like your master.
Manigoldo - There is? But I'm not kidding!
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Manigoldo - All that seriousness is not for me ..... anyway, I came under orders from his royal highness, the sage Pope. Oh, and you should go back to the tower with me. I was also instructed to carry a mansion upon you.
Shion - Altar ..... black ..... who is that man?
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Manigoldo - It’s one thing I came to report. Do not tell me you still have fun reading the memories of Cloths?
Shion - Of course not! I just neglected .... it was by habit ... I try to stop this power ...
Manigoldo - well ... let's see if you bring more trouble to the old man…
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Hakurei - I understand ... sage wants me to make Shion ..... become the Aries Saint as fast as possible, right?
Manigoldo- That’s correct
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Manigoldo - You must have noticed, no? That the evil stars are awakening in this world. The beginning of the holy war is approaching. And the sanctuary must begin to prepare its forces. My master believes that the young Shion has already reached an adequate level of power. It is therefore necessary that you make him a saint as soon as possible.
Hakurei - Is this what we really want, sage?
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Hakurei - Is he really willing to give the title of Gold Saint to shion? I refuse!
Manigoldo - Ha? but ... grandpa!
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Manigoldo - Are you deaf? It’s holy war! And it's urgent! It’s a direct order of the patriarch, no?
Hakurei - Even being the Pope .... he still is and always will be my younger brother .... tell sage that I refuse to obey him.
Manigoldo - Put yourself in the place of the poor messenger, please!
Shion - Why, master?
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Shion .....
Shion - are you ... ready to disobey an order from Pope Sage..... do you really have so little faith in my ability to be a saint?
Hakurei -Maybe yes
Shion - tell me face to face, master!
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Hakurei - If I do not deem you apt to be a saint, then your abilities are too dangerous!
In each moment that you are immersed in thoughts of the Cloth, your brain is being bombarded by centuries of memories. And when you touched this Altar CLoth, you certainly saw the history of the past generation that fought with the Pope!
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Shion - endless swirl of images! I feel like my head is going to explode!
Hakurei - In time, and as your power increases, this reward will be greater .... only the mere presence of armor will leave him in this state. If it were any other armor, everything would be different. But everything changes when it comes to this specific armor. The Aries CLoth will destroy your mind and your spirit!
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Hakurei - You will not be able to endure what you saw! And as your master, I can not let you wear your Cloth!
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Hakurei - It is not that you are not worthy to be a saint .... quite the opposite! I would say the problem is being very dignified ..... I have nothing else to say on the subject.
Shion - You said that you can not leave “as your master” .... in this case ....
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Shion - I'll leave immediately!
Come to me .... right now ....
-so I will not be your student anymore. I will obey the order of the Pope and return to the sanctuary with my Cloth. And if it causes me to die ..... I only wish I was not worthy of wearing the Cloth. You will not have any responsibility!
-Come on, let's go!
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Shion - I'll join with the Aries Cloth.... who never stopped calling me!
Hakurei - I remember saying that it is very dangerous ....
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Hakurei - Sage and I were close friends of the former Aries ....
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Hakurei - We saw closely the pain of his double holy war: he faced the specters of hades at the same time as his own inner demons. The desire to save her has stimulated us to fight with all our forces. But you do not have to go through the same trials.
Shion - but I'm ready for it!
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Hakurei - You ..... do not know the weight of carrying that burden only with your determination! An immature kid like you can not understand!

Manigoldo - Do not you think it's getting heavy?
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Manigoldo - You call him immature, but you don’t show maturity, grandmother!
Shion - No, manigoldo, it's okay like this ....
Manigoldo - I do not like it
Shion - this is the easiest way to discuss with the master ..... you spoke of my determination, master ..... but do not know how much I am determined!
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Hakurei - oh! Then you will use this technique .... and more ... I'm sure you do not know that combat pose, right?
Shion - You're right ... but the Aries Cloth showed me a shadow ... the shadow of the former Aries Saint and his technique!
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Shion - Please understand, Master Hakurei ....I made a mistake in using my gift to see the lives of countless saints .... but both the Cloth and you fought to save the life you had thrown away!
I would like to be a part of this! And I have deep admiration for you and your old friends, master!
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Shion - I want to share with you this torment in your heart! I will not let these memories destroy my mind! I swear!
Hakurei - Very good! So, as a farewell gift, let me respond with one of my techniques .... try to resist .....
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Hakurei - Show me that you are able to withstand the tests you will have to face!
Stardust Revolution!
Page 34
Manigoldo - I wonder how much this kid is going to grow! And still managed to imitate this technique just by reading into the Cloth? but he’s not going to hit grandpa head...... who will already call on that technique .... Seikishiki meikai ha!
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Shion - damn .... my soul was torn from the body! I will not be able to come back any more ... I'm being sucked into the entrance of hell!
Manigoldo - Stop fighting a little! I'm so tired of having to go between you two!
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Manigoldo- Damn... I did not think you was serious about sekishiki meikai ha! Did you want to kill him?
Hakurei - It would not be a good gift if I held on. And you, a saint who also uses the sekishiki knew he would get in ... so it was all planned, no?
Manigoldo - These two dirty twin twins are even more annoying than the other ...
Hakurei - I leave everything to you, manigoldo. I know that sage sent him to take him to the Aries Cloth
Page 37
Manigoldo- Yes yes I know. No need to insist.
Hakurei - Sage left nothing to pass on the Cloth to shion...
Manigoldo - And the result was you hitting on your student. You crazy old man!
Hakurei - but this can be our last chat as a student and a teacher. Be cautious when traveling! Why him?I always curse fate, wondering why the title of Aries Saint had to fall on the shoulders of shion ....
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Hakurei - but certainly this makes sense .... if your memories now belong to shion ...Avenir..My dear friend…
Page 39
Hakurei - I entrust my beloved pupil to you ...
Manigoldo - finally you woke up
Shion - Where is the master?
Manigoldo - He told us to leave soon. You know, he's honest about your injuries.
Shion - I understand....
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it will be a very long journey

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