Chapter 59
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[Sanctuary, 8 years before the holy war]
Sisyphus- The Earth trembled recently. Was the Pope right? Typhon, the Giant of Etna, is resurrecting?
Aspros - Facing the giants before the army of hades will give us a distraction.
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Aspros - In addition, the pope has begun to play his cards.
Sisyphus - Gemini Aspros. That's true?
Aspros - Yes, he sent Taurus Hasgard to Etna.
Sisyphus- hasgard, I understand.
Aspros - He likes it a lot, right? That is understandable, he left Ilias, the mighty lion, to die ... and still lost his son during the mission two years ago.
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Aspros - They were your older brother and nephew ... Sagittarius Sisyphus.
Sisyphus - My brother suffered from a pulmonary disease, so ..... hasgard blames himself more than anyone else. I'm sure .... hasgard will fulfill this mission successfully.
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Aspros - I see a great generosity of an old man for his companions. What you say about it reassures me. It's better to fight with giants ... than to do nothing.
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Celintha - Go, master Cor Tauri! Explode him!
Hasgard - I've never had so much difficulty in a fight ... listen to what I have to say, color tauri!
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Hasgard - Your power is necessary to seal the giant of Mount Etna! Don’t you think we're wasting precious time? Cor Tauri!
Cor Tauri - An intruder in Crete! I must protect the children of Europe!
Hasgard - Damn it. The Pope really gave me a dangerous mission! It's inevitable!
Celintha - Master!
Page 8
Hasgard - Titan's Break!
That man was able to lift the ground!
Page 9
Hasgard - Now you can calm down a little ....
Celintha - No! How dare you do that to my master?

Stop! Celintha!
Celintha - Killer! I will never beg you!
Hasgard -Stop! It will hurt your fists! You will not get anything like that! Besides, a sturdy man like him would not just die from it.
Celintha - You cannot be sure!
Page 10
Celintha - So you're going to take us, me and my kids, right? If ... if he is gone, what will we do?
Hasgard - Oh, I'm sorry ... but do not cry ...
Celintha - you did not have the right Besides, our master ...
Hasgard - The floor is shaking Is he provoking these tremors down there? What does he intend to do?
Page 11
Hasgard - It can not be! Nothing happened to him! But ... how I heard screams ... this man ... what is he?
Page 12
Hasgard- What? Did your body turn red with the heat?
Cor Tauri - I ... .... Celintha....
Celintha - Master?!
Cor Tauri- Do not ... stay ... close ... to ... me ...
Page 13
Cor Tauri -I will protect children from Europe away...I will protect ....
Celintha - master, no!
Page 14
Cor Tauri - The children of Crete! Ichor Nova !!
Hasgard - What?! Your attack has more power than my Titan's Break! This is the power to stop the clan of the giants? Who are you, Cor Tauri?
Page 15
Hasgard - The earth split in two!
Celintha- Master!
Hasgard - Do not jump, it’s dangerous!
Celintha - Master!
Page 16
-what are we going to do ... she fell into the abyss ... and maybe, down there ...
Cor Tauri - Celintha - ... wait for me ...
Page 17
Celintha - No ... it’s the maze. If I'm here … What am I going to do? oh, here is the famous Crete labyrinth.
Page 18
Hasgard - It’s even more extensive than the rumors say. Are you okay?
Page 19
Celintha - What are you doing here, really?
Hasgard - We fell together. But as you jumped, it fell here. For a moment, I was relieved to be here.
Celintha - Flowers! here underground?
Hasgard - How valuable. I suppose the sun has entered through a breach. They were almost crushed by the landslide.
Celintha - But when the earth fell .... did you stay awake waiting for me? And it was so that the flowers were not crushed?
Hasgard - What's so strange? A big guy like me can not cause problems for flowers.
Page 20
Celintha - Did he blush? But I do not care! My master, Tauri, also loves flowers! This is normal! Hasgard - Oh, that violent man loves flowers too …
Celintha- he's not violent! He was just protecting us! He is a good man! My master is bigger ... and much nicer than you, little one!
Hasgard - Celintha, right? My name is not little one, it’s hasgard. I understand that you do not like me because I fought with your master. But can you trust me, at least while we're here?
Page 21
Celintha - N-. Adults abandoned us. I will never trust an adult.
Hasgard - Abandoned?
Celintha - Yes, out of cruelty, we were all left in the maze! As the legends speak of monsters living here .... our parents thought it would be a good idea to leave us here to be devoured! But our master helped us! He taught us how to live! And the only one who protected us!
Page 22
Celintha - Adults always think first in their interests! Besides ... you're going to steal our master!
Page 23
Hasgard - Ah ... sorry ... I did not notice my strength. You have the right to be angry. There are several horrible adults out there. And .... I'm definitely one of them. I did nothing at the most important times ...
Celintha - You ... I was right!
Hasgard - but.....
Page 24
Hasgard - There is not a day when I do not regret it.
Celintha - Have you ... also lost a child, little one?
Hasgard - Selinsa .... children are like seeds.
Page 25
Celintha - What?
Hasgard - A man I respected told me that ... they carry our dreams and hopes for the new generations. And that's why .... I'm determined to never lose a seed again.
Page 26
Hasgard- CorTauri must think the same ... given the zeal with which he cares for you. But instead of finding a way out, I got lost in the conversation. I will not leave it here.
Celintha - In that case ... slow down ... I do not have legs like you. I'm having trouble following you.
Hasgard - Oh, that’s true! Sorry!
Page 27
Hasgard - It's better this way?
Celintha - Yes ... I'm no longer afraid of the labyrinth ... This man is not as good as...
Hasgard- Can I ask a question, Celintha? Yes. I know you're against it, but I need the strength of Tauri. even you will be at risk if we do not seal the giant of etna. In fact, all the children in the world will be in danger.
Page 28
Hasgard - So I would like you to explain to me who is Cor Tauri? I'm bigger than most people. But Cor Tauri is more than twice my height. besides, I could see from his technique that his power is superior to that of most people. And that's why I wonder if he would not be a super-living giant. Or....
Page 29
The earth is roaring?? Is this the doing of Cor Tauri?
Celintha - He came to look for me .... you know that this labyrinth was built by Daedalus in the age of mythology .... it was my master who told me …
Page 30
Hasgard - What are you talking about?
Celintha - Daedalus did many other things in Crete! And one of these things was....
Page 31
Celintha - a bronze man with the heart of a bull was irrigated by the divine blood of zeus, ichor. A perfect automaton, created in chalk to protect the beloved of zeus, europa!
Page 32
Hasgard- What? it can not be ... so this man is ... an automaton of the times of mythology?
Cor Tauri - celintha... protect ... children ... europa...
Hasgard - Your body is worn ... if you use your technique in this state …
Page 33
Hasgard - Cor Tauri .. the man that you are ... has always lived and acted for your mission again you will protect the spirit of Europa, which has already disappeared from this place ... in this case .... you must go to Etna with me, by the future of those children ... and that's why at that moment ... I have to ....
Page 34
Hasgard - show a determination that motivates you! Worthy ... the honest fist that supported Crete and its legends. So I'll feel good ....
Page 35
Hasgard- I swore to fulfill my mission... no matter your size ... I will not let you defeat me!