If you are new to internet marketing and you want to know the key to article marketing, then you have to understand what marketing with articles is all about first. There are many things that could be considered important in this type of marketing, but there is one specific key to article marketing

You need to know that when you use the method of writing articles to market a product, a website, a service, or anything else it can bring you a large amount of traffic. This is something that you will understand as you start to write and put your articles out. You will point the links from your articles back to your website or blog, which will bring you traffic and more.

However, what you need to know is that you could write over one hundred articles and not get as much traffic as you can get from ten articles when you use the key to article marketing that you are about to learn. This is probably the most important thing when it comes to marketing with articles and many will not tell you about this much at all.

The One True Key to Article Marketing

There is only one real key to article marketing and you need to know what it is. The true secret to writing your articles and the one key that you have to follow is to write quality content. Sure, this sounds easy, but you have to know what quality content is and how to put it together around a keyword phrase that will help you rank higher and get more traffic.

It is not all that hard to write quality articles and the first thing you have to do is make sure you put together over 500 words of content. This is becoming the more accepted norm in writing articles and many of the article directories give priority to longer articles that you write and submit to them. Most have a higher limit than they used to and 500 words will keep you safe with all of the directories.


Another thing you want to do is make sure you write in a way that you would be happy reading the content you put out. It needs to be content that the reader can actually use and it needs to be about the subject you are concentrating on. If you say you are going to give the reader the key to article marketing you better give them exactly that, which is quality content.


What are the Benefits of Writing Quality Content?

Quality content will bring you many benefits and you will get many more visitors to your articles and your websites if you put out quality content. This is simply because quality content is something that will be used by more people and recommended by more. You have to know that quality is the key to your success not quantity.

If you are patient with your marketing and you write consistent articles full of quality content you will be able to experience all of the benefits that are listed below:


1. Targeted Traffic When a reader has already gone through your article and they have already shown interest in what your website is about, then you can imagine that they are very targeted when they get to your website. This means that they will be easier to convert into more money through advertising and selling products, whether your own or affiliate products.

2. Backlinks Articles also help you build up backlinks and when your articles are quality writing you will have more webmasters use your articles on their blogs and websites with your links. This brings you more backlinks back to your website naturally, which will give you more traffic and more power.

3. Search Engine Ranking Also, when you use the key to article marketing, which is quality writing, you will see your articles and your website climb up in the search engine rankings. This, of course, means more traffic and more money in your pocket from your website.

The bottom line is that if you write quality content you will get more out of your articles for the long term. People will be more willing to share your writing with others through social media or their own blog and you will get more traffic and backlinks. Just make sure you use the key to article marketing , which is to write quality content.

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