life is strange 2 shota story

there was a young boy named Ben who lived in texas, 

and Ben sat on his ben in his room thinking what his new family in Seattle would be like, 

And that's when Ben came across an old picture  with 3 boys in the picture, 

That's when ben asked his mom who are the 3 boys in the picture huh mom Ben asked her, 

And that's when Ben's mom says... Well Ben  that's your 3 cousins  Sean Daniel and Chirs, 

That's when Ben says... Mom I never knew that I had another family in Seattle that I never met before said Ben, 

Well ben said to his mom it's time that you should get to meet your cousins said his mom

And that's when Ben said...I hope my cousins in Seattle like me said ben to himself  and that's his mom says Ben don't  worry your cousins will like you just the way you are sweetie said Ben's mom,

So that night Ben was busy packing for his trip to go to Seattle to meet his cousins, 

And the next morning Ben got up early to get ready to travel to Seattle to meet his couins, 

And that's when Ben was so excited about meeting his cousins 

And that's when Ben caught a plane  to Seatt

when Ben got off the plane that's when Ben couldn't belive how big  the city of Seattle was, 

Well Ben's first thought was... Wow I can't believe how big Seattle was 

How am I gonna find my cousins huh Ben thought to himself,