Chapter 63
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[17 years before the Holy War against Hades]
Aspros - The wind is strong today .... but at least the sky gives us a clear view of the stars.
It's hard to believe that a star of presumption would shine on such a quiet night.
Hasgard - Not sure ... but the patriarch never leaked the wrong stars.
Sisyphus - You talk a lot.
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Sisyphus - For mere apprentices, as we do, we have the opportunity to be Gold Saints!
Hasgard - But, Sisyphus..... even if you say so, our mission is to observe and report the situation. Until a real saint joins us.
But it’s very painful. To say that they expect nothing of our fighting skills
Hasgard - I do not think you should say that, hasgard.
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Aspros - Apparently, it was Ilias who had joined us in this mission.
Hasgard - Really, Aspros? The hero? Master ilias?
Aspros - Yes. Obviously, he turns after completing another mission. The three of us were chosen for the mission of a saint so famous! I guess that means they expect a lot from us!
Hasgard - Oh really?
Sisyphus - If all goes well, we can see a fighting hero!
Aspros - But, it may be that .... we can not achieve the expectation that they have for us.
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Aspros - You, Sisyphus , aspirant to the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, and ... the younger brother of the hero Leo Ilias!
Hasgard - Yes maybe! Sisyphus is the most promising apprentice!
Sisyphus - Stop it, damn it!
Aspros - but it's good to see that I found people full of ambition. It is an honor to be in the company of a great aspiring bullfighter. And in my case, I am a candidate Gemini Cloth. We will do our utmost so that the three of us become Gold Saints!
Sisyphus - Ah ... yes ... sure ... it's forcing us.
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Sisyphus - A majestic hero like the nature of the cosmos. Whose incredible battle power goes against his appearance as a holy man. Leo Ilias! Despite being his brother, I felt jealous, but also suffered from being compared to him .... but I will not lose! I will be a saint worthy of his name!
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Aspros - Wait...!
Sisyphus - Why stop us, Aspros?
Aspros - We are only messengers on this mission!
Sisyphus - Messengers? Doesn’t the situation worry you?
Aspros - No, they do not let us attack! If we attack, we will be punished for disobeying the order!
Sisyphus - What is more important: the order or lives of people here?
Aspros - Our ultimate goal is becoming a Gold Saint!
Sisyphus - I do not plan to see that being hampered by disobeying the rules. That is why I will do this, no matter what!
Page 17
Specter - Very well. I intended to hunt down the great lion before the holy war, but ... before I would kill those angry bunnies.
Sisyphus -I am the brother of ilias ... I can not lose here ...
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Specter - These arrows use my cosmos to totally neutralize opponents. Now they're a little less proud than before, are not they?
Sisyphus - I got broken bones? Damn, I do not want to die here .....
Specter - let's go! Give me a show before you die!
Sisyphus - I ... wanted to be like my brother!
Page 23
Aspros - Trying to be a hero imitating his admirable brother ... is no more than a source of trouble.
Page 31
Ilias - It was not an attack at the speed of light.
Sisyphus - So it was ...
Ilias- I did not use telekinesis either.
Ilias - I just spoke with the wind and it answered me. the ground gave me the necessary strength to do it ..... It’s all very simple.
Sisyphus - What? No, I understood.
Ilias - At least until you find your way.
Sisyphus - My way....
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Ilias- The eyes of Sagittarius pierce through the truth. It is the light that guides your companions to the right path. And it should be your turn to leave your earthly ambitions aside. And so the wind from the earth will obey you.
Sisyphus - I do not understand. I'm different from you.
Ilias - For a moment feel nature.
Page 37
Pope - The trial to get the Sagittarius armor begins!! The candidate is the younger brother of ilias, Sisyphus! There is no time limit, you only have to give at least one blow to a man of high caliber!
Page 38
Pisces Rugonis! Start!
Rugonis- I was waiting for it impatiently. I can not wait to see the strength of Ilias’s brother.
Hasgard- Fighting unprotected against a Gold Saint with his Cloth on …
Aspros- but the merit of a Saint is not judged by his Cloth. Will he be able to match Master Rugonis’s cosmos for at least a second? We will see.
Page 41
Rugonis - Someone who dies in vain is not necessary ....
Sisyphus - proud....Yes maybe.... I thought I should be a saint like him .... but I finally understood that we are different ... Much was expected of me because we share the same blood, but .... we see the world differently. But .... that is precisely why this Cloth is so important to me!
Page 42
Sisyphus - so as not to be seen as the youngest brother of a hero! but as myself! As a saint!
Rugonis - Interesting! Show me your will!
Page 43
Rugonis - Get a medical team soon! It is quite possible that he touched my venomous blood.
Hasgard - Oh! He hit him! Sisyphus has won! A new Sagittarian saint was born!
Page 44
Ilias - I have a request to you, illustrious Pope.
Pope - What do you want to ask me in this moment of joy, ilias?
Ilias - It is the hesitation of Sisyphus as a saint. I would like to personally confirm what he feels.
Pope - And how will you do that?
Ilias - I'd like to ask the oracle of delphi. To study my brother's case!

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