Chapter 58
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Teneo- This man is fighting. You use overwhelming energy, as always .... how far does your strength go? Hang on.....
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Teneo- Master Aldebaran!
the great Gold Saint of Taurus, Aldebaran!
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Teneo- It was a dream? Yes Master Aldebaran is no longer in this world ....
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Teneo - Six years have passed since the holy war against Hades, who put the world in danger. Master Aldebaran, and many people dear to me died in the struggle. I have inherited Master Aldebaran's Cloth, and now I am a Taurus. I understand ... I slept during the reconstruction ... the sanctuary should be ready as soon as possible. At present there are only two saints in the sanctuary. Shion of Aries, who is also the Pope, and I .....
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Teneo - It's been six years ... no, just six years ... even with the help of the rodorio inhabitants, there are still many things missing in the sanctuary. Safe estates, human activity, and .... the goddess athena to protect them .... it will be the time to guide a new generation of Saints. If I were Master Aldebaran ....
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Teneo - No! Do not worry! If I do not try, I'll look weak to Master Shion!
A carriage coming from the village. We are without medicinal herbs after all ....
Teneo - The road....
Celintha - Master! Sister! The ropes of the luggage are already ready!
Agasha - Thank you for your help, Maiya.
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Agasha - Do we not forget anything, celintha?
Celintha- hm ..... I remember that they wanted large amounts of antihaemorrhagic herbs. Sorry, agasha, you not only provided us with herbs, but how did you come here.
Agasha - Imagine, how could I not help them?
Celintha- You never stop helping us ....
Agasha - No, it's you who helps everyone. After giving up being an Amazonian, you decided to be a mother to these children.
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Agasha - I think this is a big decision.
Celintha - I was not the kind of person who really fought. And then ... losing their father in a fight was so painful. but .... I wish I had been the heiress of your strength and your kindness .... Master Aldebaran ....
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Celintha - what? This is not right! The cliff is falling!
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Celintha -We have to leave before we are crushed!
Master Selinsa! Do not worry, I’ll protect you!
Agasha - selinsa, the horse!
Celintha- No, Master Aldebaran …
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Agasha - a saint?
Celintha - The Taurus Cloth! Master Aldebaran?
Teneo - Great horn!
Page 12
Celintha - Incredible…..
Page 13
Teneo - Celintha, is it you? How are you?
Page 14
Teneo - Celintha!
Celintha - Teneo, we're fine, thanks to you, thank you ...
Agasha - Do you know him?
Celintha - Ha? Ah yes! We raised as friends training to become saints.
Agasha - Did you train to be a gold Saint?
Celintha - You look very busy, Teneo. So you've been wearing the Cloth over the years.
Page 15
Celintha - Master Aldebaran would be proud.
Teneo - Thank you, Celintha, but I'm still far from the top. This is not good!
Celintha - Teneo ..?
Teneo - Get out now! the next collapse will be even greater, and my great horn will not be enough to protect them!
Page 16
Teneo - Quickly!
It’s too late!!
Master Aldebaran .... what can I do to be like you?
[12 houses of the zodiac. Small room in the Pope's palace. ]
A landslide near the sanctuary this time?
Page 17
Teneo - Correct, PopeShion.
Shion - And how are celintha, agasha, and the children?
Teneo - We were able to control the uncontrolled cart. They will stay in a refurbished temple and leave tomorrow.
Shion - It's better that way. Roads leading to Sanctuary are dangerous, especially at night.
Page 18
Shion - You deserve a little rest. I will also stop here today and return to my role as pope.
Teneo - I have no excuses .... I would have protected them more effectively if I had greater strength.
Shion - do not blame yourself at the moment but I understand how you feel Honestly ... rebuilding the sanctuary is much more difficult than I thought.
Page 19
Shion - I admire Pope Saga for having achieved this. but we can not waste our time. A secret letter arrived from the Pope from Rome. I entrust this mission to you. It’s about the giant sealed under the Mount Etna, in Sicily.
Page 20
Teneo - What? Etna ... really ... This is the sealed giant, typhon! Is it not? The last of the giants of the war called gigantomaquia !!
Shion - Yes. Typhon is considered the worst monster in mythology.
Page 21
The gigantomachy! This is the greatest war of mythology, between the gods of Olympus and the clan of giants with the fate of the Earth at stake!
Teneo - typhon, the last in the lineage of the giants .... was sealed by Zeus. Is it that the most evil of the giants will wake up?
Shion - It is true. If my memory does not fail, a messenger from the sanctuary had already gone to take care of the sanctuary. It is possible that the seal has not been fully applied.
Teneo - What ....
Shion - but, as you know, the force of the sanctuary comes down to us both. If a new gigantomaquia happens, we will not be able to protect the land.
Teneo - We are on a different level ...
Page 22
Teneo - Facing a Giant from the Age of Mythology? And if I fail, will I be damned? This difference of strength .... to fight and protect .... these are ... the implications of being a saint of gold?
Page 23
Teneo - No ... you must not leave the sanctuary. Because of my hesitation ... I do not really trust my powers, but ... I'm sure everyone felt ... this anxiety in holy war.They threw their lives away to protect the earth. I can not go back! Lend me your strength, Master Aldebaran !!
Page 24
Teneo - Lend me your strength! I will fulfill this mission! I, the Gold Saint of Taurus!
Shion - Well said. Teneo of Taurus! Get ready to leave tomorrow. Rest tonight.
Teneo - Yes!
Shion - Teneo ... you said do not believe in your own abilities.
Page 25
Shion - But know that you are my right arm, invaluable. I have confidence in your abilities. I thank Aldebaran for giving me someone like you.
Teneo - I'm honored! pope shion
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[Sanctuary Cemetery]
Celintha - I thought you were coming here. Are you going to Etna?
Teneo - How did you know?
Celintha - It was Shion who told me. So....
Page 27
Celintha - I came to accompany Agasha to those graves and also I said goodbye to you. I did not have the opportunity to see the graves of Master Aldebaran and Saro.
Teneo - Yes .... neither did I
Celintha - ..... Teneo. The mission of Etna was once entrusted to Mr. Aldebaran.
Teneo - What? You speak of the mission of 14 years ago?
Celintha - Yes.It was at this mission that he found me in Crete.
Page 28
Celintha - because Mr. Aldebaran, who came to confront a certain man ... anyway ... at that time he still wore the Hasgard name.
Teneo - Celintha! What happened to him on the mission? What is the relation with the seal of Etna?
Page 29
You're not keeping me, Teneo. I said that one day you would get the Aldebaran name, right? If you want to understand everything, you should see with your own eyes .... the myth of the Taurus. The story of two giant stars.
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[14 years ago]
Page 31
What's happening, Celintha? The master seems weaker than usual ... so he will lose.
Celintha - Stop talking nonsense! Our master is strong, he can not lose. Crush that coward, master! Do not miss it !!
Aldebaran - Am I a coward?
Page 32
Aldebaran - it’s the first time they say that about me.
Page 33
Aldebaran - We should not give a show to the kids. Can you calm down and talk to me?
Damn it! How rude! In this case…
Page 34
Aldebaran - Great Horn!
Page 35
Aldebaran - What? He was able to stop my great horn !!
Celintha - You are awesome! Master Color Tauri!
Aldebaran - I understand.
Page 36
Color Tauri. the man who bears the name of the giant star of my constellation, Aldebaran.
It was inevitable that he should resist me. Hasgard of Taurus!

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