How to Prepare a Dog for Overnight Pet Sitting

Most pet owners see their dogs as members of their families, so it can be extremely difficult to leave them behind on business trips and vacations. There are, however, a few things that pet owners can do to set their animals up for success before they leave. Read on to find a few helpful tips on how to do so below.

Find an In-Home Pet Sitter

Most dogs are happier and more comfortable staying at home instead of being boarded at a doggie daycare, but allowing them to do so requires finding a pet sitter Charlotte dog owners can trust to take good care of their animals and to respect their homes. It's always better to trust a professional pet sitting agency such as Queen City Petsitting rather than a stranger or even a friend or acquaintance. dog walking services know how to handle everything from separation anxiety to minor emergencies with grace and dignity and will treat the animals with the same care they show to their own.

Schedule Meet and Greets

Once a pet sitter has been arranged, owners should allow their dogs to meet him or her several times in the weeks preceding their vacations. This will give both the dog and the pet sitter the opportunity to get to know each other better so that it doesn't feel like the animal is being watched by a stranger. Most pet owners also feel better about leaving their pets behind when they've met their sitters a few times and know that they will be in good hands.

Pet owners who already utilize the services of a dog walker Charlotte dog owners know and trust may want to find out if he or she can also provide in-home pet sitting services. charlotte pet sitting in Charlotte might also provide pet sitting, which can save pet owners a good deal of time and hassle when it comes to making plans.

Inform Sitters About Separation Anxiety

Many dogs experience separation anxiety when they are apart from their owners and each of them exhibits different symptoms. Owners who are aware that their dogs exhibit problem behaviors due to separation anxiety should be honest and upfront about this with their sitters so that they know what to expect.

Leave daycare charlotte nc and Treats

Make sure that the sitter continues the dog's normal feeding and treat routines while his or her owner is away. It can also be helpful to leave out any of the animal's favorite toys, or even a sweater or another article of clothing. After all, dogs have a keen sense of smell and may be comforted by the scent of their owners even when they're absent.