Chapter 4
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Miko - In this world illuminated by this bluish glow .... two even brighter wings have just emerged. They radiate a golden light and ... unfold from a human silhouette to a man of singular appearance. Right before my eyes, these warriors from ancient times were pulverized with just my blow. Such a man should inspire fear. But more than that, what I see is…..
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Miko - This amazing ... beauty .... but, of course! It must be the story I had heard at a conference at the Greek university of archeology. The professor told us of a fact that came from legends or mythology. A group of people who had fought since the mythological times for peace on earth. No matter what the power of the enemies, they fought without weapons, until the victory. This brilliant artifact covering their bodies would be what they call Cloth.
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Miko - These men believe in a deity that makes them bear the name of .... Saints of Athena.
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Aiolos - Infinity Break
Miko - Incredible .... again just one blow was enough! My brother is certainly a man of gold .... fantastic.
Aiolia - and there are twelve people in this order. The Gold Saints....
Miko - the twelve gold saints?
Aiolos - Aiolia ....
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Aiolos - You were great! Your protected yoshiko without speaking. You’re the pride of your older brother!
Miko - What is going on? This is not a reason to ignore me.
Aiolia - Brother ... and our codenames?
Aiolos - Well ... that does not matter anymore ... my name is Aiolos. This is my younger brother, Aiolia. Is he not handsome?
Miko - Yes, of course... but …
Aiolos- I can not go into details, but these ruins you discovered are a little special. From what can happen, it is preferable that this place is not revealed to the world.
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Aiolos - these underground ruins are very unstable. And in this place .... we find situations that endanger the lives of those who venture here .... such dangers must remain far from the knowledge of humans. Our priority is to protect the land from all who put the people in danger. That's why I come as a messenger. I know it must be a failing situation to believe, yoshiko. but now with respect to the explorations of the ruins ... the government authorized us to make an inspection. I thought it was not a simple inspection. But I was attacked in the corridors of the entrance. I'm worried I'm late.
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Aiolos - But for that, I was able to better understand these ruins ... here is a place where you can find a seal that can not be broken. The countless remains buried in these debris have been scattered in the arena. The power of the Ichor sealed in this place allowed the rebirth of many beings. These are the consequences of the construction of the aswan dam that shook these hidden ruins.
Miko - This has the form of ......
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Miko - apophis ... a black cosmo of ebony color. the god of chaos. black as ebony.
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Aiolos - Apophis?
Miko - It’s an ancient god mentioned in Egyptian mythology. They say that his kingdom was of darkness and chaos. Originally born from the original water and was the ancient god of the sun. But soon it became the greatest enemy of him who granted the rights of sun god to himself
Aiolos- I understand ... darkness, chaos ... and Ichor connected to the original waters. but I do not know of even this blood .... in tood the case, the Ichor imprisoned in that place seems to come from the Tartarus.
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Aiolos - It is the original sun god. So .... we can not wait for your Ichor to dry or flow out. So we have only one option left. Yoshiko, could you tell me what's the weak point of apophis?
Miko - They say.... the worst enemy of apophis is the current sun god, “Ha”, who is also called atum.
Aiolos- It is necessary a power that comes from the sun and that light could end with apophis, but ..... the light of the sun can not reach these subterranean ruins. The light .... of Atum….
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my Cloth represents one of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac line. the twelve gold Cloths are under the trajectory of the sun and receive their power.
Aiolia - It's okay, yoshiko. You can trust him. My oldest brother will not lose for nothing.
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Aiolia - this man that I believe, is the Gold Saint of Sagittarius. He becomes invincible when it comes to defending someone.
Aiolos - A brief moment is enough for the Sagittarius Cloth. Feel the elevation of my cosmos and grant me the light of the sun. the light able to pierce this ancient god is concentrated in this arrow. Turn into golden light.
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Aiolos - Shine, light!
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Miko - I do not know what to say ... and it's hard to believe all this, but .... it was so real and I can not definitively talk to anyone. It is a pity.
Aiolos - True. But the saddest is that your discovery is gone forever. I'm really sorry.
Miko - It’s all right, I was able to witness incredible things. And well.... I ... I'll make other discoveries.
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Miko - and if I return to those unknown ruins ... then ... I would surely meet with you again.
Aiolos - That's right. We'll see each other again that day. And we hope you improve your English a little.
Miko- My patience has a limit! I hate you! You idiot brothers! Whoever I am is worried about the origin of this Ichor. The sanctuary will want to discover the circumstances surrounding these ruins. Who could this Ichor belong to?
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Pontus - the original dark waters .... the dark seas ... I am the companion of darkness and chaos.
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Pontus - I, Pontus... I was freed! They brought me back to this world.

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