Chapter 83

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Tibet, Jamir.
Shall we go to the sanctuary? Us two?
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-Yes. The Pope realized your gifts and talents. Basically, we, the clan of Jamir.....
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-we support the rear of the sanctuary as armor repairers. This invitation is a great honor for you.
Hakurei - I'm honored, master, but younger brother, sage, and I .... we are training a lot for one day to succeed you.
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-We study arts, strategies, theology, and techniques to create armor.
It is unusual for us to sin a change of vocation from nothing. And that's exactly why I want you to go out and see the world through your eyes as a saint. There are things that can not be understood in a place as isolated as this. You do not understand the value of the world that we seek to protect. The danger of losing a life. Do you know how precious is the life of others?
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And you do not know the joy of having ... ... unwilling friends to give their lives to protect you.
Hakurei - Friends.... I understand....
Sage - We will become saints and return here.
Hakurei - hey sage!
Sage - Brother, there are certainly things in this world that we can not see if we limit ourselves to this place.
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Sage - We will experience things that will strengthen our hearts and abilities. there will be joy and sorrow. And, brother ... you are not the kind of person who was meant to be confined to jamir.
Hakurei - Sage ....I want to see you smile freely. It’s how I like to see you.
Page 7
Sage - We will be together forever.
Hakurei - But as you speak! You’re no longer the little sage!
Sage - Ai ai ai! You’re hurting me, hakurei!
Hakurei - You're right. Everything will be fine as long as we're always together. You are full of wisdom, and I am a burst of power! We are an incredible pair! Let's be great in the sanctuary! Right, Sage? You and I.....
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Hakurei - Always together! I do not believe! But what are you doing here ?!
Page 9
Hakurei - Sage!!
Page 10
Hakurei - Many souls have been called from the hill of yomotsu ... if this continues ...
Sage - Brother ... what are you doing here?
Hakurei - I came to see if they were true rumors that run in the sanctuary. It is said that people from the sanctuary joined the army of hades. And I thought that following the scent of death ..... I would find someone acting suspiciously.
Sage - So I behave in a way .... suspicious....
Page 11
Hakurei - I'm saying that a Gold Saint like you should avoid a misunderstanding. Close the gateway to yomotsu hill now!
Sage - I can not.
Hakurei - Is it some secret mission?
Sage - Brother ... you dare to give orders to me, a Gold Saint, while being only a Silver Saint?
Hakurei - Sage?
Sage - Even if it is true, you should take our positions into consideration. But if you dare to oppose the sacred mission of a Gold Saint, then ....
Page 12
Hakurei - argh! It's the devil flames! These souls are burning me!
Sage - Disappear brother ...
Page 13
Sage - Altar Hakurei! For the old times ....
Page 14
Sage- what? the flames .... changed shape ...what....
Page 15
Sage - Sekishiki is open! Souls and flames are going back to the underworld! That is.....
Page 16
Sage - Brother! Did you open the sekishiki just before you were touched by fire and hid?
Hakurei - sage…
Page 17
Hakurei - Have you forgotten? even though I am a silver saint, we both compete for the cancer Cloth My cosmos is like a golden one! And I, undoubtedly, have the advantage in a power duel!
You always talk about old times, sage. What do you mean by that?
Page 18
Hakurei - What made you change your mind? I will ask your soul directly!
[Hell waves!]
Page 19
Hakurei - Butterflies! Sage .... your soul is now ....
Page 20
Hakurei - guuuah! What are these butterflies ?! It’s as if they devoured my body to become more powerful! What....

Sage - That's right. These are fairies, the maid of the underworld. They will take you to the depths of yomotsu.
Page 21
Hakurei - Fairies? Sage ... you really ...
Sage - brother… Have you ever thought about true peace?
Hakurei - What?
Sage - It’s said that before, during the era of mythology .... gods and humans lived in perfect harmony.
Page 22
Sage - It was a golden age. But over time the differences of wealth among men arose, and with it came discord. Families were killed and the Homanians went to war. Finally, the gods abandoned mankind and went to heaven. Humans have sunk in war and corruption ....
Hakurei - what are you talking about? sage!
Sage - So that the gods and humans may once again live in harmony, They must be ruled by a great power!
Page 23
Sage - Only the most sublime human beings on earth are capable! Only the 12 golden saints, who have a great capacity in their hearts and bodies, are capable of this! This is an unattainable peace for a goddess as stubborn as Athena! That is for sure!
Page 24
Sage - The emperor Hades is the only one who can make this a reality.
Hakurei - The 12 ... no ... other golden saints also betrayed the sanctuary?
Sage - I'd rather you say it's a break. The 12 golden saints will use their skills to rule the world.
Page 25
Sage - I will use the powers of cancer to bind both living and dead sweet creatures.
Hakurei - I will not allow it! Return to yourself, sage!
Sage - And despite what I told you, you get in my way!
Page 26
Sage - I'll send you to hell!
How? Do the devilish flames embrace my brother?
Page 27
Sage - It can not be ..... you became a soul, lost your body ... you’re using yourself as a fuel to disappear completely?
Hakurei - No ... don’t you remember, sage? We will be together forever
Page 28
Sage- How? It seems that he used the flames for .... what? Are you going to take me with you?
Hakurei - Yes I'll go! It was you who said it! We will always be companions of the trip!
Page 29
Hakurei - I have fallen from two spirits!
Page 31
-What a power .... the fairies and souls exploded as if they were powder. Users of sekishiki are scary. But....
Page 32
-what idiots. They decided to destroy each other, even if they did so well.
Page 33
but that did not stop me from working. Losing sage was regrettable, but ... helped to get rid of that Silver Saint with the power of a Gold. In addition, the altar saint was the one who has the right to replace the Pope. And that's why I should not take it lightly. Fairies, find out
Page 34
-Go with him. You will not escape the gateguard of Aries. Hakurei.
Page 35
Krest - You would be dead if I had not saved you from the explosion. You were very reckless. altar hakurei.
Hakurei - I wanted you to notice that. I always welcome your help from the north, Lord Krest.
Krest - You talk a lot.
Page 36
Krest - But now I understand the instability he felt in the sanctuary. The army of hades .... is one of the most terrible strategies they have created. Brainwashed the twelve golden saints !!
Hakurei - Sage was the first to realize the disorder that prevailed in the 12 zodiacal houses. So he was sure to leave himself as bait for brainwashing, knowing that this would happen. It seems that all the soul-devouring moths have perished ... open your eyes, sage!
Page 37
Sage - Brother? Where am I? Brother, these wounds ... no ... by chance I ...
Hakurei - do not worry! I was prepared for it! I'm ready when you want to kill me, but you fought hard. You did not seem to be someone who would cheat with superficial acting. That was necessary.
Page 38
Krest - That's it. It's a matter of time until they realize that the two are alive. we have to take this time to create a strategy. Our enemy chastisingly seeks to destroy us from within. Someone capable of manipulating sage, a Gold saint, is not a normal opponent.
Hakurei - Sage ...... did you get to know who was moving the wires?
Sage - Unfortunately, I can not say. Before I could use my strategy, hakurei protected me using sekishiki and the Cloth. Otherwise, I would probably have brainwashed myself completely.
Page 39
Hakurei - That’s not true. In that case, you have not totally lost your sanity.
Athena and the the Pope are not to be reached!
Hakurei - Did you feel it?
Sage - Yes .... a clash of cosmos in the Pope’s room.
Krest - My friend...
Page 40
The pope was assassinated