Everything you need to know about Russian Hair Extensions…


Russian hair is considered to be one of the finest textured hair types available, and anyone who comes into contact with it will confirm this. It is a cut above the rest, and there is no mistaking it. The hair is tangle-resistant, won’t shed, and will last for over two years – provided that you look after it, of course!

How is Russian Remy hair of such high quality?

Russian hair extensions are known to be the highest quality hair extensions on the market and for you to know the Russian diet has a lot to do with the quality of this hair. The area of Russia that it comes from also has something to do with it. The Russian diet is generally rich in vitamins and nutrients, which benefits the hair greatly and helps it to grow long and strong with plenty of volume. The diet is also usually low in sugar, sodium, and unhealthy processed animal fat.

Hair sourced from Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan won’t be of the same quality as the diet is different. So if your Russian hair is marketed as South Russian, it may still be of decent quality but it should not be as expensive. Genuine Russian Remy hair will come at premium prices that match the quality.


You might hear several terms that refer to different preparations and treatments of Russian Hair. Here is a little description below:-

  • 100% double drawn Russian hair

"Double drawn" hair means that all short lengths have been carefully and laboriously removed so that only the longest hair remains. This gives a fuller and thicker look to your Russian hair extensions. This is the most expensive hair due to the effort it takes to comb out all of the short hairs. It takes a lot of time to collect the highest quality, longest hairs.

  • Remy's hair

Remy hair is known as the finest quality available in human hair. This is due to the fact that the hair cuticles are kept intact. Non-Remy extensions are often stripped of the cuticles, but with Remy hair, the cuticles are preserved and aligned all in the same direction. This gives them the most longevity, and the most natural appearance possible.

  • Virgin hair

Virgin hair is simply human hair that is unprocessed with chemicals. It will have been collected from a single hair donor. If it is called virgin hair, it should be Remy hair that has not been subjected to hair dye, perming, bleach, or harsh washing. Virgin hair is not automatically Remy hair, of course, and Virgin hair will never be very light blond for this reason.


Will Russian hair be right for you?

Russian Remy hair has a naturally soft texture, with a silken, flowing quality that can’t fail to make anybody’s hair look beautiful. It is a very good match for most western hair types, and it is so fine that it sits naturally amidst your own hair. If you have quite thick hair, you can simply add more extensions to match your natural thickness. You can curl your Russian hair extensions whenever you want and they’ll hold the curls well. Whatever your hair type, with Russian hair you can expect natural movement.