Chapter 98

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Aiolos - It fell out. The Blue Blood. The decapitated head ..... fell out!

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Aiolos - Continuing to scream in silence. but it's not her .... it's me!

Page 3

Aiolos - all the Saints... bear a sword. This is the order of the new Pope.... by means of the prey in his hands.

Page 4

Aiolos - If we were, the Saints. We have a power that surpasses that of humans ... not only can we create a new future .... but also we can change the past ... we must do it .... and we will unite in a ... new future !

Page 5

Aiolos - Holy warriors of all sizes, now answer the call of my wings!

Page 6

Aiolos - I will be the one who will be above you. Everything flowed in my wings. The blood that flows inside me. it changes its density more and more. From the red ... deep ... to the deepest ... in the darkness ... it shines in black ... the water …

Page 7

Aiolos - Pontus is piling up on me!

Page 8

Aiolia - Decapitated .... athena ?!

Saga - This was the first act of Aiolos as the Pope. Since then ... the Saints of your world ... have been able to carry weapons in their hands.

Page 9

Aiolia - Why? Seiya ... why are you here? Tell me, Seiya. Have you come here to carry a sacred sword in your hands?

Seiya - I ... if you trust Athena, then trust the justice. That's why ... this time ... I will not doubt it.

Aiolia - It’s loyalty that matters the most.But justice is not always the case if it goes beyond limits.

Page 10

Aiolia - Seiya ... this is not the world of the enemy ... are you not thinking of obeying the logic of your own world?

Seiya - I just obey athena.  only obeys Saori.

Page 11

Aiolia - Athena is our great goddess .... but even the gods are wrong. No ... the gods are really wrong. The gods are not perfect beings, just as humans are not perfect. Seiya ... I must stop you ... even if by force....

Seiya- I can not renounce the sword ... this is Athena's will.

Aiolia - Seiya ......

Stop it!

Page 12

Ikki - That's it, Aiolia. I will not let you interfere with Seiya's actions.

Aiolia - Ikki ....

Page 13

Seiya - Ikki! You came ... to protect me ?!

Ikki - If you see me as someone so kind ... I still do not understand what kind of person I am.

Seiya - Ikki ... what are you saying ?!

ikki - Anyone who opposes Athena's orders, regardless of what he does ... will be killed by my hands.

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