Chapter 58
Page 2
Koios - Dark lightning the thunder of god
Page 4
Aiolia - Impossible!! He took the lead and attacked me, threw me away ... and still passed through me, to come get me from this side ?! I can not see his movements. And when he stands still ....
Page 5
Aiolia - He disappears suddenly and hits me when I least expect it !! I can not follow his movements !! He's too fast !!
Page 6
Koios - Ebony Rapier
Page 7
Aiolia - a black bolt... it's piercing me !! Not only that, all the black lightning surrounds my body ... and I can not move !!
Page 8
He has an absolute attack power ... while keeping the opponent immobile !! an advanced technique that combines attack and defense !! his movements are agile by nature but .... not even he can keep up !!
Aldebaran - But what does it mean?!
Milo - Aiolia is a Saint who uses the power of lightning … what are you doing? get up!! you fool!!
Shaka - Not even I can see ... the movements of this adversary !! or perceive his presence... he goes from one side to the other without even blinking.
Page 9
Shaka - like a beam of light that rips through the dark clouds ... like a real lightning bolt.
Koios - I am the one who knows everything. So I understood. It will be that this battle between us, gods, and voices, humans ... in the name of the future of one side ... will all this begin ... only by the will of the gods?
Page 10
Koios - will we, in fact, stand for this struggle ... freely and spontaneously? I feel ... the intervention of an invisible cosmos, much more powerful than ours ....
Page 13
Kreios - only the lightning bolts are capable of killing a Titan ... for even fatally wounded ... the Ichor, our sacred blood, and the Dunamis, the source of our power, seek to restore our divine bodies ... so , we are considered immortals ... because, now ... I feel our indestructible strength ... to be all absorbed!! Normally, I'll be able to defend myself ... but the way I'm hurt ... all my strength is fading !! It’s as if ... someone has been waiting for this to happen ... is it all that was armed to ... take the power of the Titans ?!
Page 14
Kreios - I am not ... so generous ... to the point of granting strength ... to any stranger.
Page 15
Kreios - So all my remaining Ichor... I'll give it to you, Shura .... use it to get up again ... and also ... bind it to your blood ... to lift your sword.
Page 16
Shura - Great Cosmo …
Koios- to discover the truth .... I need an end ... in this battle ... Therefore I am here, before you. we need to win
Page 17
Koios - if we are about to face a great unknown stranger...
Aiolia - my body was released
Koios - we can not afford to lose human beings. so ... I want you to show me again everything you're capable of.
Page 18
Aiolia - Everything.... you said ?! Does he ... expect me to launch the Photon Burst ?!
Koios - Shed your light ... the brightness of your cosmos ... so I can tear it apart.
Aldebaran - Aiolia hides an attack that we Saints do not know ?! And the adversary released him from the moorings only to be able to know this attack?!
Milo- To prove that the gods are above humans?
Aiolia - I did not create this blow ... for me ... but to protect loved ones ...
Page 19
Aiolia - to my master ... the precious brother, whom I wish I had protected. It was for Aiolos, the Gold Saint of the Sagittarius Temple ... so no one ... nobody can overcome this blow.
Photo Invoke
Page 20
Aiolia - opening the universe. Release Cosmo.
Shaka - He accepted the challenge .... and intends to use that blow but I fear that this is a technique that has exhausted Aiolia's entire energy reserve. This may be his last chance !!
Koios - As a sign of gratitude, I'll tell you ... something I know about you ....
Page 21
Koios - I discovered that you .... are incomplete as a Saint. Black Thunder Rotation
Page 22
Aiolia - Did his planet start spinning at high speed ?! But it does not matter!! All I have left ... is to believe in my power... and hit this blow with everything !! Here I go!
Page 23
Aiolia - Photon Drive..
Koios - The explosion of photons is a blow that turns the cosmos into billions of small sparks .... that will be launched into the body of the adversary, where it will explode. It is an attack inspired by the Big Bang, the final stage of sidereal evolution. At first glance, it looks like an unmitigated blow ...
but not if that billion of cosmo sparks ... that advance at high speed …
Page 24
Koios - can be controlled by me. absorb photons.
Aiolia - Is he absorbing all the photons I created with my cosmos ?!
Page 25
Shaka - a powerful force of attraction generated by the high rotation movement of the black thunder... and the force of attraction of the electromagnetic field came together ..... swallowing all the photons for the Black Thunder...
Koios - I am the one who understands and I am also the celestial sphere ... the god that controls the rotational movement of the celestial bodies ... while there is black thunder, I am untouchable.
Page 26
Koios - You would never have hit me ... For someone as incomplete as you would never defeat a god.
Aiolia - damn it !! I can’t... keep me on my feet !!
Koios - you are a spectacular Saint... your talent ... are enough to make you a hero of mythology ... except for the fact that ... you could not "develop" as a Saint.
Page 27
Koios - in the most important moment of the formation of a Saint... you have lost your master ... could not receive from him precious teachings ... lived alone … this wasted time took away the objectivity to analyze his own attacks and abilities ... a human being can not survive alone, much less strengthen.
Page 28
Koios - by losing your brother and master .... you became incomplete ... and died as a Saint.
Aiolia - I died ... with my brother?