Chapter 84

Page 1
Hakurei - Didn’t you feel it? right now....
Sage - yes, the Pope’s cosmos ... disappeared!
Page 2
The pope was assassinated?!
Page 3
Krest - Why now ... my brother in arms!
Hakurei - Come on, sage!
Sage - Wait!
Page 4
Sage - Hakurei! Did you forget ? You have to cross the 12 houses to get to the Pope’s temple! And they are protected by the saints who are now being manipulated by the fairies!
Hakurei - So we should not do anything ... while the enemy is with the Pope? That’s it?
Page 5
Sage - reconsider, hakurei! You are the altar saint! If anything happens to the Pope, you will receive his position as a substitute! I can not let you go against the danger!
Page 6
Hakurei - Damn it!
Sage - I also feel frustrated, brother .... however, we learned a lot from this great weight ... with the Pope Itia..
Page 7
Krest - he wanted peace at any cost .... that was the kind of man he was .... the Pope itia ....
[five years ago]
Page 8
Itia- It's going well, these boys … and, despite their youth, already possess such a cosmos. These boys control a great power, as worthy of the master of jamir. But we only need one of you ....
Hakurei - Ha?
Page 9
Hakurei - What?
Page 11
Hakurei - Hey! What is this?
Sage - is this how do you receive us here in the sanctuary?
Itia - Haha not bad
Hakurei - stop laughing and explain to us what's going on …
Page 12
Hakurei - You old man! What? I can not move .... there is a powerful force restraining my body!
Page 13
Sage - What did you do to my brother? Ugh!
Hakurei - Sage!
Itia - Good ... is this how do you intend to beat me?
Page 14
Itia - The weak are unaffected in the holy war .... who will live and who will die?
Hakurei - guh
Sage - We can not fight ... if this is so, at least I will defend hakurei.
Hakurei - I .... I'm really a weak one ....
Page 15
Hakurei - And sage is the smarter of us, he will be more useful ..
Sage- That is not true! My brother surpasses me in cosmo and fighting power! He will serve the sanctuary better!
Hakurei - Sage?
Sage - My older brother has courage and ingenuity that I do not have. But it is likely that he can bring people together and change the course of holy war! So it's better that I die, for sure!
Hakurei - Stop saying that nonsense! If this is the best for both of us, we will die together!
Page 16
Itia - Hahaha ... I did not expect such strong feelings.
Hakurei - ah?
Sage - I can move again.
Itia - I'll prepare your beds. And I'll also show you where to train.
Page 17
Itia - I believe that I should also participate in your training.
Sage - So....
Itia - I'm sorry. I was just testing you guys a bit. you complement each other very well.
Page 18
Itia - Appreciate your differences and strengthen your bonds. Probably these bonds will be essential for the holy war that awaits us. And also for the future of the earth. You are my ideal, the key to peace.
Hakurei - Peace?
Itia - Yes. Peace is not limited to what can be achieved by struggling to protect only certain things. It does not make sense if what you protect does not fit others without discrimination.
Page 19
Itia - It is a more complicated ideal to achieve than to defeat your enemies and win.
Hakurei - This was peace ...this was the ideal that this man seeks?
Itia - Do not lose this bond between you. Whatever your test, believe in each other ....
Page 20
Itia - And in your companions ...
Sage - How ironic ... now, we're in a situation where all of our comrades are suspicious.
Hakurei - No! We can trust, at least, all three of us! but it is probable that other people are unharmed, like the Bronze and Silver Saints!
Page 21
Hakurei - let's find them and put them together! There must have been a return of Gold Saints to normal!
Sage - hakurei, First, let's make sure athena is safe!
Krest - Let me handle this. He went to blue graad for an appointment. Apparently he took two guards, but I can not be sure, given the location.
Page 22
Hakurei - Sage and I will go our separate ways!
Sage - Yes!
Hakurei - we must be able to undo mind control.
Krest - Sage. You are smart. And you know that hakurei is impulsive.
Sage - I understand. I will protect my brother,
Krest - Yes but....
Page 23
Krest - Use that to your advantage if it is necessary! This situation can become hopeless. Do not die!
Sage - Okay
Page 24
Aries gateguard - They survived.... hakurei and sage! And, it seems, one of them is already moving. He is always so impulsive. In spite of being just a Silver Saint.... but it's late.
Page 25
Gateguard - One can not ... achieve peace only with ideals. We have already taken the helm to lead everyone to a new golden age. We will get the harmony that brings peace. I will fulfill your ideal .... Pope Itia.
Page 26
Hakurei - Soon we will be in the training camp of the silver saints. It lies far enough from the 12 zodiac houses. It should be safe...
Page 27
Sage - hakurei! This is .... the place is on fire ...
Hakurei - but? Let's split up and try to find survivors, sage!
Sage - Yes!
Page 28
Sage - I can not find anyone. Did they leave already? But where did the flames come from? No......
Page 29
Sage - This is dangerous! I need to find hakurei!
Page 30
Sage - This is.... this attack ... came from the other side of the building ....
Page 31
Sage - It can’t be…. .... even him?
-Haha .... a pity that he left his friend ... or what I mean to say, but ... actually ... it is better to be that way. I wanted to kill another saint without restraint, at least this time.
Page 32
Francisca - Even if I have to wage a thousand-day war!
Sage - Taurus Francisca! You too fell into the enemy's clutches? So ... it was actually a trap …
Page 33
Sage - I hope you are well, hakurei.
Hakurei - Are you ok?
Page 34
Hakurei - I see ... I was too late.
-It was bad, hakurei. We have nothing personal against you. And despite being of the same rank as us, you are different.
- We, the Silver Saints, know our limits, but you deny it! You are an obstacle to harmony! An obstacle to the world ruled by the golden saints!
Page 35
-Disappear, hakurei!
Hakurei - Damn it! how terrible is holy war!
Page 36
Hakurei - Waves of Hell!
Page 37
Hakurei - The fairies had not yet entered their souls ... they would probably end the brainwashing. And used the fire in the field to attract us. Show yourself! Someone who uses this kind of strategy should not be too strong.
Page 38
Gateguard - You are better than a silver saint ..... since you defeated others of the same rank.
But you're not in my power.
Hakurei - This voice .... can not be You were the most loyal of all to the Pope. Of course, you!
Gateguard - My feelings have not changed, hakurei.
Page 39
Gateguard - because it was I who killed him with this hand.
Page 40
Hakurei - It was you who killed him? Between all of them, it had to be you? You were willing to sacrifice yourself in battle … for the ideal of Pope itia.
Gateguard - It is true, however, that he can not achieve his ideal because he is very old.
Page 41
Gateguard - So that the harmony of the world could become reality ..... it was better ... that that person died ...
Hakurei - gateguard! idiot!
Gateguard - It's an absurdity that you are his substitute! Already that will be me ....
Page 42
Gateguard - who will realize the ideal of that man!