about a certification

 about a certification:

A + (A Plus) is the first computer certification for computer technology that provides computer services. The test is designed to strengthen computer service professionals in designing, maintaining, configuring, and managing personal computers. The A + logo is accredited by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). CompTIA is a large commercial company founded in 1982 and has retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. It provides free guidelines for business ethics and expertise as well as deals with a wide range of issues, including product delivery, freight forwarding, and price protection.

So, the A + book is a living book, but from 2011, the A + book will be renewed every three years, passing the A + test again. Otherwise, the licensees will have to pay CEU (training department) for certification.

A + tests include questions related to location, culture, and type of identity. Each question has multiple options or one correct answer that can be given for each question. The A + test is open to anyone, although it is for anyone with at least six months of professional experience as a professional.

Currently, A + is the only non-customer hardware certification available for IBM computer systems. Many work tables with A + certified work centers increasingly require similar experience as a basis for recruitment.

CompTIA provides certification for documents (Certified Document Imaging Architech [CDIA]) and certification exams (Network +). CompTIA certification has higher priority than other certifications such as Microsoft MCSE or Novell CNE.

CompTIA certifies, repairs, and installs obsolete Macintosh modules in the Apple computer system. This unit has been discontinued for many years and is currently the only hardware certification for Macintosh computer systems offered by Apple.