Scoundrels in the Household Moving Industry Are Looking For the Next Sucker - Don't Let it Be You!

Recently I was looking around for a household mover. Having moved more than a few times I have picked up some tricks along the way and one of those is finding the mover well in advance of the move and making sure that you have a reservation booked.

Another very smart thing I have learned to do is visit the company and see what kind of outfit you are dealing with. Beware of advertisements that do not include the actual business address. That should be a big red flag for you, that is unless you are looking for Fred Sanford to come by with his pick-up, because that might be about what you'll get. There are a lot of people saying they are movers but what they mean to say is that I have a truck and a couple day labor people I pay cash.

These days the scams are a little more savvy, they get you online. Here is what they do. They pay to get their ad listed in legitimate search engine result pages. They get you sucked in on a great sounding deal, maybe sounding a little too good. You are asked to fill your information on the online form and then give you a quote on the spot. You have to ask yourself, how can this company give me an accurate estimate if they haven't even seen what I am moving?

After you have spent too long already with going through page after page you come to a four page long agreement in really small print that you don't even really read. You accept and you find out after that you waived your rights. They don't even have to move their operation after you've been duped because you never knew where they were in the first place. If you have a problem you will be sent to Helen Waite for customer service.

I want to know that the folks who are packing my belongings are on the same page as I am and have the same goal in mind.. That being moving my belongings from point A to point B without incident. I want to be able to pack my personal items but have the kids clothes manufacture and all our books packed by someone who has done it before. And I certainly don't want to carry anything!

I can usually make short work of unpacking when I have help just getting all the packaging picked up and taken away. My girls would just as soon keep it all and make castles for their dolls, but it's much easier to get it all done in one fell swoop. Having the moving service deliver packaging materials for me in advance of the move helps take the pressure off as well. With these concerns addressed I am in a much better mood and much more relaxed knowing that I have it covered. I feign surrender and let my girls have just one garment box.

One of the things I looked for when I was shopping around was a written mission statement that reflected both high ethical standards and customer service. I figure it this way. If they haven't taken time to display it then they probably haven't taken the time to come up with one. If they can't be up front with their policies I won't waste the time even getting an estimate.

When I walked through the front door of Two Men And A Truck of Memphis their mission statement was prominently displayed at eye level when I came through the door. I also saw a display case featuring nearly a decade of top performance awards. I also saw that Two Men And A Truck is also a multi-year winner of the coveted J.D. Power's award for customer service excellence. I have seen a lot of movers offices so the decor of the foyer and reception area caught me off guard. But what has impressed me the most was the staff. Don't take my word for it, go see find out for yourself.

I told Larry Segrest, the managing partner that the entire staff functioned like a championship team that needed my business in order to get into the national play-offs. Finding a mover that met my standards was not an easy thing but it was well worth the effort and I feel I found the best value for the money. The unexpected surprise for me was that Two Men And A Truck are a national franchise. With any luck I'll never have to go shopping for another mover! Now when I find a company run like this I have no problem opening up my check book. Don't you feel really good when you make a great business decision?