Chapter 66
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Ilias - Would you not like to leave the sanctuary, Sisyphus?
Page 2
Sisyphus - Leave the .... sanctuary?
Ilias - Yes ... I can see the forest as the murmur of the wind ... and you were corrupting inside the sanctuary.
Page 3
Ilias - This is the reason why you can not hear the voice of the wind or the earth. So ... You and I should go to the ends of the earth. If you want to see the world the same way I see it.
Sisyphus - Going with my brother .... to a place without embarrassment, shame and envy? If I’m with my brother, I'll be stronger. And that's what I most want, no doubt ....
Page 4
Sisyphus - Yes, without a doubt, this is ... a history of the past! No, brother….
Page 5
Sisyphus - I will stay! Soon the holy war will begin ... in no way can the sanctuary be without two Gold Saints. Moreover, it is not only by battle power! If my brother, the great hero, if it is, everyone's morale will fall!
Page 6
Ilias - Do you prefer the murmurings of the sanctuary .... to seek a new world with me?
Sisyphus - Are you serious? Are you really leaving the sanctuary, brother? I got it. I understood everything. This is also an illusion from the Oracle! My brother would never say something like that!
Page 8
Sisyphus - I could not follow ... an illusion could not ... strike at the speed of light !! This is a blow from my brother! but then .. why..
Page 9
Ilias - Endured well .....
Sisyphus - When was that?
Ilias - but it's a shame.
Page 10
Ilias - I thought you would understand. That we are ridding ourselves of the murmurings of the people of the earth. Even the sanctuary will not be an exception. In addition, people have forgotten the land, losing sight of themselves. How do we have to exist to protect these people?
Page 11
Sisyphus - What are you saying, brother?

Ilias - I saw your future. You will get lost if you exist for the people of this world. And, as your older brother, I will not stand it.
Sisyphus - The woods began to tremble.
Ilias - I'll take you back to the land with my own hands .... if you say you chose the human world, the sanctuary.
Page 12
[Lightning Crown]
Page 13
Arkhes- The earth is shaking. If this continues, the sleeping delphinon of wizards will wake up, sir ilias. The king of all beasts, his incredible power had created a crisis in his bloodlust. Without knowing what affection for others is
Page 14
All I can do to help is to wait here ... is only that it does not destroy the future of your brother. Sir Ilias.
Page 15
Sisyphus - Ah ... what happened? The Gold Cloth is broken .... this was the lightning crown of my brother. The wound is cold. Heavy ... this is impossible ... was it a wound in the life of the Cloth itself?
Page 16
Sisyphus - I see that the whole forest is under the control of my brother.
Page 17
Sisyphus - I have the feeling that I will not leave alive … I will be back at all costs .... hasgard, aspros .. we promise ....
Page 18
Sisyphus - That the three of us we would be Gold Saints and create a future!
Ilias - That's your promise that steals your freedom.
Page 19
Ilias - In that case, you would have demanded the freedom to be between the wind and the forest. To be strong.
Page 20
Sisyphus - So ... are you full enough to stop being a human, brother? You will abandon the people who admire and adore you .... and go to a place in the farthest reaches of the earth .... will speak only with the land .... I ....
Page 21
Sisyphus - I ... I do not want to be just strong! Now I understood my purpose as a saint ... in the end, I'm different from you, brother ... I've always been different!
Page 22
Sisyphus - I want to be with people! And unite with each other! Have friends who walk side by side with me towards the future !! To talk and protect everyone! Brother, that's why ...
Page 23
Sisyphus - This would be ... our farewell
[Chiron's Light Impulse]
Sisyphus - Brother ... even if you do not understand ... I do not want to take this future.
Page 24
Sisyphus - It can not be he is walking in the wind of the Chiron’s Light Impulse!
Page 25
Ilias - This is your power? That motivated my heart, now you will see this power. the power that comes from his divine decree.
Page 26
Ilias - Against my eighth sense!
Sisyphus- The forest is attacking! Is it an illusion? No ... this is ... the cosmo of my brother! You're going to screw me up!
Page 27
Ilias - Come on, show me, Sisyphus . The heroism coming from the voices of the terar who hears me. The purity coming from the life lurk looking at me. Let's go. does not have to say …
Page 28
Sisyphus - I will return to the sanctuary at all costs! The place where I was indifferent! The place where my future is! I see it! My goal is to achieve it! Cosmo, be my arrow!.
Page 29
Sisyphus - Reach ... my brother! Brother!
Page 31
Sisyphus -Brother ... what is all this blood?
Page 32
Sisyphus - What does this blood mean?
Ilias - It’s tuberculosis. You did well to clear your doubts. This arrow is the retribution that has the eyes of Sagittarius. Now I have no more reason to grieve for the sanctuary.
Page 33
Sisyphus - What to say with regret? Damn hero ... why say that? Do not go away! Brother!
Ilias - People have different designs.
Page 34
Ilias - My body will run for the disease in my lungs and I will die. But .... I and the power of my senses should stay in the sanctuary. But even though I know how to do it .... I can only do it in a place without murmuring. I can only do it in a place around the earth.
Page 35
Ilias - I never meant to give up the holy war. I promise to return to Sanctuary at all costs, but in a different way.
Sisyphus - Brother....
Page 36
Arkhes- I'm glad you're well ...
Ilias - arkhes ....
Arkhes- Sir Ilias …You struggled too hard. The sacred stones allowed me to flow my power and act as a mediator. Your illness will improve a bit ...
Page 37
Arkhes- And also, young Sisyphus.... overcame the many painful trials. here are the manuscripts of the oracle. I hope they are useful for holy war.
Sisyphus - Hey, Arkhes. Will the future be bright?
Page 38
Arkhes - Well ... the future us the accumulation of future events. Even the infinite ramifications of the future are being separated as we speak. The possibility of the future happening that we are telling is just a little piece. Who will guide the future, are you....
Page 39
Ilias - Brother ... I will wait ... until you return from the ends of the earth.
Sisyphus - I will protect the Sanctuary with hasgard and aspros. The sanctuary and the world of people. I want it to be a promise! Brother!
Ilias - Yes. it’s a promise.
Page 40
Ilias - Teach the human strength ... to my new self.
Sisyphus - And so .... I opened the manuscripts of the oracle in the sanctuary. In them was contained a map with the location of a small Italian village. We do not understand its meaning until 10 years later.
Page 41
Hasgard - Sisyphus, the armor of Sagittarius is resonating? It's called ... by the Leo Cloth.
So ... I knew ... the boy is alive ...
Page 42
The future continues to move!