Chapter 73

Page 1
Aspros - A surplice? Chris, you're a ... specter….
Page 3
Aspros- I underestimated chris .... a girl with such a great power .....
Page 4
Ursula - The surplice of chris, cetus of the celestial star of decadence!It seems that Chris's father tried to saddle her desperately.Magnificent! Simply magnificent!
Page 5
Ursula - Humans can even have such a great power! If chris can have such a power, I'm sure to be the queen of the world! But first ... kill that man!
Page 6
Ursula - Come on, Chris! kill him!
Page 7
Ursula - Finally served for something, Chris!
Page 8
Aspros - Chris, you surrendered so ... easily! Is it okay to be devoured? Do not want to face ... the fate of an evil star!
Page 9
Aspros - Earheart!
Page 10
Ursula - What a beautiful surplice. This is the Walden family treasure that our father protected. And I will gladly accept it!
Page 11
Ursula - So let go! Will you resist? Do you think a coward like you ... needs that power? Well, I do not think so!
Page 12
Aspros - As I thought, this ursula is even a tramp.
Page 13
Aspros - See if it does not piss me off anymore, chris. Stay calm if you want to continue human.
Page 14
Aspros - And to think that the true tragedy ... is that my mission was to protect you.
Page 15
Aspros - but if you want to lose your humanity ... I will change that mission to eliminate Specters
Ursula - What is it? The galaxy?
Page 17
Aspros - Its as I thought….
Page 18
Aspros - that man is controlling you! But, chris ....
Page 20
Aspros - Resist, Chris! fight
Page 21
Chris - Aspros…..
Aspros - protect your conscience! Decide for yourself who your enemy is! Me or the man who is controlling you! Do not think I'll always be here to protect you! But for me a sinner can become a savior ...... and even gods can deserve death! I can kill a girl without mercy …
Page 22
Aspros - So you made your choice ... specter
Page 23
Ursula -What a man ... without mercy ...
Aspros - You just became the enemy of the earth. it seems that your father's desire to seal this surplice was useless.
Page 24
Aspros - The emperor had served the underworld and brought destruction to the world .... will you blame that destiny? Say you have no choice? Do not make me laugh! It is you who are trying to kill me. And one day you will kill your sister! The Surplice is not the killer. You're the killer!
Page 25
Chris - Please ... I do not want to !!! She broke my control ....
Page 26
Chris - I ... I do not ... I do not want to be a specter ..... I do not want to kill anyone ... not even my sister ... please, Aspros... I do not want to do hurt anybody
Page 27
Aspros - Right. You made a great choice. Chris.
Page 28
Aspros - well, I'll help you solve this problem .... by killing those two!
Page 29
Earheart- You're an interesting man.
Page 30
Earheart -The celestial star of decadence is strong, but its vital force is weak at the moment. Even at the beginning of the holy war, it remained sealed with the desire to be awakened soon. And my job was to remind her of her alliance with the god hades. How could you stop me? The mere consciousness of a mortal could not withstand the covenant between the evil star and our god.
Aspros - but is it not in the human body that resides ... the thought and the ability to burn the cosmos?
Page 31
Aspros - Right here. This small vital point full of potential. Someone who could snatch behavior would be close to being a god. I am able to control it .....
Page 32
Earheart - So that is what you did. You played a trick on the girl's brain so that the evil star would not hear the call of the hades. You are dangerous, and must be eliminated before the holy war begins. A greedy man like you could spread his germs and become a messiah.
Page 33
Aspros - now you have become a philosopher ....
Earheart - before the authentic beginning of the holy war I must eliminate you. Human beings proliferate on earth, humans like you mess up. Approaching that pretension is the cause of your growth! [from Spanish scans]
Page 34
Earheart- Die devoured by the flames of hell! Crimson cross!
Page 35
Earheart - What?! Did he block the crimson cross?
Aspros - You said that the flames of hell would devour me, but unfortunately for you, an attack never works twice against the same saint. I've seen your attack. And besides, I made a pact with Chris.
Page 36
Aspros - I promised I would destroy your fate like an evil star!
Earheart - but what?
Aspros - I can not ignore ... this poor girl's wish!
Page 37
Aspros - Galaxian Explosion!
Earheart - This man...
Ursula - he wants to destroy the ship?
Aspros - I'm going to destroy the bond between your sister and you ... with interest!
Page 38
Aspros - Mission complete

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