Chapter 103
Page 1
Seiya - My childhood friend .... who returned after wandering the edges of death. My friend ... is in the highest class among the Saints.... a Gold Saint .... he is now one of the twelve, the one who inherited the Virgo Cloth .... it’s beautiful and strong ... .and this has not changed ... but its appearance is different from the one I met ....
Page 2
He is meditating somewhere else now.
Page 3
Shun - What the hell is .... this sign .... this sound that resonates in my mind .... something is falling ..... something is screaming ....
Page 4
So can we say that ... finally started? I wonder if this is the time when we pay for our sins .... now it's too late to die. Where do humans come from ... and where do we go? And how will we disappear?
Page 5
From now on death for humans has disappeared. And the world that remained to us, humans, will be the one of the absolute emptiness.
Page 6
Damn it ... how long can it contain this? I do not trust anyone else but you ... to be able to produce this final moment ...hades, the emperor of hell.
Page 7
How long ..... can I bear it? At this point ... the collapse will be the destination ..... I will .....
Page 8
trust everything to you This is destiny.
Page 9
Shun - I can see several deaths .... all at the same time. You're not the Aiolia ... that I know.
Page 10
Shun - When did you replace? Or has it always been you from the beginning? The Aiolia that came from the past summoned by the shrine ... is already dead?
You are an AIolia from a different world that has mercilessly murdered an existence identical to yours .... within you meet .... zeus ?!