Chapter 80
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Cronus - I do not care about a stifling world like this. I want more and it disappears. The people of the Titans... have more to sink into the Tartarus. All these lives are worthless. The only people I want ...
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Cronus - are the humans of the earth, those illuminated by the sun-god Apollo. I will make them my new army ... to destroy the Olympus. And after all ... there's only one life I want to spare ... I want the Ichor, the sacred blood of Zeus ... I want all his dunamis for me.
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Aiolia - A king who sends his own people is no longer a king ... he’s a madman!
Shura - The destruction of this earth has already begun ....
Milo - Hm. we will have to protect the people he abandoned too ...
Aldebaran - There's no time for that ...
Shaka - So we need to sort things out pretty fast ...
camus - I just do not think it's worth it … to waste time with the three giants ... who have Cronus..
Page 4
You're right, let's split up into three groups. For how long? Not very ...
quiet. Let's get this over with. The earth is already broken ... the less time it takes, the better ... Milo - leave it to me! I'll end it there in the blink of an eye.
Shura - This is not a joke, see?
Aldebaran - let's settle this soon ... so we can silence the king who has lost his mind once and for all.
Page 5
Shaka - The priority is life of the people of the Titans... saving them is our mission.
Camus - Hm. I do not want anyone to mess up, huh?
Milo - When a Gold Saint is hired to protect.... he must be ... invincible.
Aiolia - Leave Cronus with me, because it's my duty ... to save you from this situation. That was the promise I made to a friend!
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Shaka - We are not unkind to the point of interfering ... in a promise made between friends.
Milo - Why not ?! I can handle it for you, see?
camus - Be understanding. That's what Aiolia wants.
Shura - Meanwhile, let us save the people of the Titans, just as we would save the people of the Earth. That's it.
Aldebaran - If there is no one else to do this .... saving them is what we should do.
Then we do what we can ... in the best possible way.
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let the battle begin
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Shura - I never really spoke to you.
Aldebaran -Yes ... but we are companions fighting for the same purpose ....
Shura - It’s true. The cosmos that burns in us is the same.
Aldebaran - Hm. so let's go.
Shura - In the name of the goddess Athena ... let's shoot down a god.
Hoplisma - What a daring attitude to be human ... they are underestimating me.
Page 9
Hoplisma - I'm surprised by your arrogance !!
Aldebaran - Tell me about it! A god who provokes a war without even protecting his people ... surprises me even more!
Shura - Aldebaran !!
Aldebaran -I'm fine. I do not have the same tricks as Shaka, but ... I can still hold out... but the armor of this god ..... has a resistance out of series our fight will be exhausting. Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood to bust those guys ... in a quick fight, but ....
Page 10
Aldebaran - You have ... the golden sacred sword that inhabits your arm. Burn your cosmos and armor it with a single blow....
Shura - how many times do you think it's capable of taking a hit from it? Tell me for sure.
Aldebaran - Let's see ... I'd say ... at most five times.
Shura - That is. There are four times, right?
Aldebaran- more or less.
Shura - It's ok. So, save time for me ....that I promise to break it in half.
Aldebaran - I trust you.
Page 11
Shura - And I will honor that trust. Because I would never betray the trust of a friend ... with whom I share ideals.
Hoplisma - Are they reduced in number and still divided to face the gods? What a silly choice ... all will be destroyed by us !!
Aldebaran - I disagree. I trust that all my friends ... will defeat you, gods, without exception. But someone who does not know the toilet head can not understand that, can he? Poor of what only knows how to destroy.
Hoplisma - If it’s so he wishes ... then .... that he be destroyed by me!
Aldebaran I will not be…
Page 12
Aldebaran - to protect a friend, this my fist .... will never be broken !!
If you think I only know how to defend myself ... you're screwed! Now, see my power. Because power... is fought with power.
Page 13
Aldebaran - I'll show you all the strength ... that I have. Great Horn.
He did not fly far ?! On top of that, he advanced to attack ?! Therefore!
Page 14
I can only face it !! Uooooh! nuuh! What a destructive power. My right arm is rearing. I think I can only take ... two more of those !! Oh no!! That blow again ?!
Page 15
Aldebaran - gwooh! One blow every shock wave !! Can I handle it ?! I tried to absorb the full impact as much as possible! but still was not enough to stop it !! He can strike shura, who is helpless while preparing his cosmos! Shura !!
Page 16
Aldebaran - Shura !! He dispelled the impact wave with Excalibur !! And it was at the base of the gallows !!
Shura - A Saint does not fall for the same blow twice. It is best not to underestimate human beings.
Hoplisma - Whoever is underestimating someone here are you. They think they can defeat a god with the smallness of their human condition !!
Page 17
Hoplisma - If you want variety of blows... take this!
Shura - Dunamis from the whole body is concentrating on the fist, making it shine !! Aldebaran! Let's go back for a while!
Aldebaran - Do not worry, shura, keep burning your cosmos ... until you join forces to knock him down with a blow ... besides that ... I already told you. I resist five strokes, that means ... I'm ready to protect you five times.
Page 18
Aldebaran - And there's one more blow to hold. After that, I want you to use your power. I believe your gold blade will tear this god apart.
Shura - I promise that I will answer... your request.
Hoplisma - You are lesser beings ... who do not fear the gods! Now, tremble at this power !! Because the power of the dunamis ... this, yes !!
Page 19
Hoplisma - Dunamis Pelekus! It’s the punishment of the heavens !!
Aldebaran - His Dunamis is coming like a giant ax !! With a devastating power !! But what are you doing on your knees ..? Why did you lower your fist ?! Did you forget what I said ?! Did I not promise myself ... and my friend ..
Page 20
Aldebaran - that I would protect him .... at any cost ?!
Hoplisma - What? Impossible! But I put all my divine power in this blow !! And he still resists? Even with his body a mere mortal ... was he able to overcome the power of a god?
Page 21
Hoplisma- After all, what kind of creature is this ... called human being ?!
Shura - Let me explain, then. the human being ... is a fragile creature. the likeness of the gods was born ... but their strength is nowhere near them. So when you find what you believe in ... and protect that, with all your heart ... the human gains something ... that no god has.
Page 22
Shura - The human gains an endless ability ... the power to perform miracles. And if you do not understand what it is, you do not have the right to say god. my friend kept the promise and guaranteed me time to burn my cosmos to the fullest. So now ... it’s my turn ... to keep my promise!
Page 23
Hoplisma - What miracle, nothing !! You're just mud puppets created by prometheus !! What do you think you can do yourself ?!
Shura - I'm not alone, Aldebaran, I've already struck out the Great Horn before me ... after that, your Cloth or is no longer the same !! Now I see my Excalibur acting ... with the cosmos loaded with the dunamis of my friend I believe ... that all the energy of my body ... allow me at this moment ... to fulfill the promise I made to my friend!! the goddess Athena. Grant me the strength
Page 24
Shura - And burn it !! My cosmos !! Excalibur
Page 25
Shura - Thank you ... aldebaran! We won!