Chapter 70
Page 1
Pontus - I will show you ... the intensity of the Dunamis that a great god of antiquity possesses ... and how useless it is to try to stop it.
Page 2
Pontus - With the misery of a human being ...
Aiolia - a mass of Dunamis !!
Pontus - According to. I'll take Hyperion with me.
Page 3
Pontus - because he is mine since the beginning. Melas Helix.
Aiolia - It’s the same blow as before! Only more powerful !! I will not be able to divert!
Page 4
Aiolia - Hyperion!
Page 5
Hyperion - Prominence Blade
Page 7
Aiolia - Hyperion!
Hyperion - I'm nobody's ...
Aiolia - Hyperion! But how?!
Hyperion - The regeneration power of ouroboros is still alive in me ... although it is about to disappear .... little time remains ... but I need to talk to you.
Page 8
Hyperion - soon, I will be sent to the Tartarus.... and there, nothing else can do ... so, I'm sorry ... protect my people. In return ... myself ... I will face this adversary.
Pontus - A powerful dunamis still supports his will ...
Hyperion - please ... I do not have enough strength to protect my people. Therefore, beings of the earth ... I want you ... to show him the beauty that exists on the face of the earth.
Page 9
Hyperion - which gives them hope of life ... under the bright light of the sun's rays illuminating the earth.
Pontus - You mean you refuse to be mine until the end? Why do you surrender the future in the hands of humans instead of in the hands of a god?
Hyperion - because people have the ability to choose their own god and live through their own strength.
Page 10
Hyperion - The power to create their own future, although consuming their already so short lives. It’s a miraculous force, which the gods do not possess ... people ... enjoy the infinitude of possibilities. If there is still life left in me .... and if I should donate mine to someone ... that this someone be the humans ... just as I will give my people to them, so that he becomes as human as they. So you can create a future together ....
Page 11
Hyperion - therefore, my dunamis ... will never be yours.
I was the one who gave you those arms and legs. I doubt if I can deal with them. But if you insist on contradicting me.
Page 12
I will have to kill him, then take his physical body, with the dunamis still inside him.
Hyperion - Aiolia! kiss my ass!
Aiolia - Guys like you make me nervous, you know?
Page 13
Aiolia - Use life and death as instruments of ambition !! because you know ... that you do not even have the right to say god !!
Milo - enough! I'm done! How dare you treat life like that? !! prepare yourself, because I ..... I will teach you the value of life !!
Page 14
Aiolia - Get out, milo !! I'm going to face him !!
Milo - Get out! What do you think you can do, hurt the way you look ?! you beast !!
Aiolia - What?!
Aldebaran - I agree that we can not be left out.
Camus -We can not leave Aiolia fighting alone.
Shaka - As a Saint, I do not like to interfere with someone else's ....
Shura - But if it is to protect two injured comrades. I'm sure Athena would forgive us ....
Page 15
Hyperion - to protect me too?
Aiolia - Hyperion !!
Hyperion - that illusion is produced by the dark water that runs inside me. That's why I'm the only one .... who can defeat him.
Page 16
Hyperion - I will free myself from the dark water ... so I can recover myself.
Aiolia - To break free?!
Pontus - Do you think this is possible? You exist now, thanks to my power.There is no way...
Page 17
Pontus - to escape from me. Melas helix.
Hyperion - No ... there is a way, yes. Make me free means ... face my own destiny and keep advancing ... without being stopped by anyone .....
Page 18
Hyperion - I am a god who does not belong to constellations or mythologies. But I have recorded in this cosmos, which burns inside my chest .. the great pride of facing you .... and I promise that I will keep this flame burning for all eternity.
Page 19
Hyperion - The strength that makes me advance comes from the heart that fears no one. Even if, at the end of the road, whatever awaits me ....
Page 20
Hyperion - just be my own death.
Page 21
Pontus - you great fool !!! Try to escape my domain .... by dying ?! but this .... is the same as denying God !!
Hyperion - no one would look like a god ... a being who did not move forward ... protecting his own, without fearing death ....
Page 22
Hyperion - who would believe in a god ... that doesn’t acts with courage?
Aiolia - Hyperion!
Hyperion - with that, the dunamis of Pontus that was mixed with my Ichor had disappeared ... anyway ... I will be just like you.I'll be standing on this earth ... with my own feet. Now ... it's time we kept the promise.
Page 23
Hyperion - you and me! we must end this struggle. agree?
Page 24
Hyperion - get ready! My name Ebony Hyperion
Page 25
Hyperion - The Black Flame God
Aiolia - Oaah!
Page 26
Aiolia - Lightning Bolt. It was you who taught me.
Page 27
Hyperion - courage is to stand up for those I trust ... and not for the one who simply made me wake up. I owe it to you ... Aiolia.
Page 28
Hyperion - that now, my strength be yours .... and with it .... you protect the future, .. of my people and my king ...