Chapter 72

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Mnemosyne- And he was alone in his solitude. It is as you wish to see it, my lord Pontos.
- Do you have something that bothers you? what do you think to do about what your master decided, Pontos-sama? Poor king, no one gives him a friendly hand. His memory was taken away. his dunamis had been sealed. Soon, all that he has has been consumed.
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-however, he is a king whose name is a synonym of dread. His being is being buried by all this, and at the moment and unable to meet the expectations of those who follow. Now the only thing this king can do is escape ... and feel the fear this time. I think someone for Cronos- no longer has power. He is no more than a being who seemed innocent and to whom one could extend his hand, but ... the cosmos of the king Cronos is filthy. As much as he is a god, he is no more than a horrible criminal consumed by sin. I believe there is no other way for him but to plunge into the depths of darkness …
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-Your cosmos is totally stained with darkness. He, the killer of uranus, whom he committed to. No one had extended a charitable hand to such a person.
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Lithos - It's not fun, Aiolia-sama! We will die if we fall.
Aiolia - I already know! But do not worry, it will be all right if we stay together.
Lithos - Kya !! There's a trap pulling us down.
Aiolia - God, it's just a big rock.
Page 5
Aiolia - Lightning Bolt! Yes !do not let go Hold on to me!
Page 6
Aiolia - Phew, it was a very dangerous place.
Lithos - ff ... it was close.
Aiolia - But how did you get away?
Lithos -Actually, I had a person who helped me do that, but ...He was injured while I was in the middle !! Aiolia-sama! There's still someone I'd like to help, please!
Page 9
Aiolia - this person is !!
Lithos - No, wait Master Aiolia! This was who I wanted to help !!
Aiolia - What?! Lithos, do you happen to know that he is?
Page 10
Lithos -No, I do not know But he does not know who he is !! We fled together here!
Aiolia -Fled together? God, what does that mean? the last time I saw Cronos he seemed to have lost his memory ... is it possible that he is still in the same state?
Page 11
Aiolia - I do not feel the cosmos of the dunamis in him. He is incapable of defending himself without knowing who he is !!
Milo - Who's that?
Aldebaran - Strange, I do not feel any cosmos in him, however ....
Page 12
Aiolia - This person is .... Cronos!
Milo - Impossible!! Really?
camus - What is before us is only a young man of low power ... Is he really the king of the Titans?
Page 13
Cronos - I do not know who he is, but I feel a deep connection between us. Unfortunately, I am unable to remember what it is about. yet I can feel that this person loves me very much.
Page 14
Cronos - I do not know the name of this man ... I feel a cruel and deep sadness.
Page 15
Aiolia - the one who succumbed here made a proof of loyalty without fail to his king, and offered him his life. Like a knight in times past. Until the end ... I believe in you, and in what you have protected. The name of the god, who met death in this place was …
Page 16
Aiolia - Hyperion! Hyperion, god of the ebony.
Page 17
Aiolia - the hyperion body is being absorbed! The Tartarus came to claim it!
Cronos - I just remembered ....
Page 18
Cronos - on every occasion and whatever sacrifices were offered to me ... my desires were empty. This hand was empty.
Page 19
Cronos - I only steal what belonged to others. Was I a person made up of emptiness? who am I?
Page 20
Aiolia - black arms?
Cronos - The dead of Tartarus... claim me! The only hands that are extended to me..... are those of darkness.
Page 21
Cronos - in me it does not inhabit .... no light.
Page 22
Cronos - Someone grabbed my arm. Had he thrown himself at Tartarus?
Page 23
Aiolia - Lightning Plasma. It's ok!
Page 24
Cronos - no one ... had ever given me a hand. Why?
Page 25
Aiolia - Because I promised Hyperion. I swore I'd protect you, King Cronos. It is as the Saints are.
Cronus -This man did not hesitate to risk his life for me. Would that light emanating from it be the one that bathes the earth?

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