Chapter 81.6
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Yuzuriha - Lord shion, so that the blood of my family does not die, I decided to marry.
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[Border between tibet and india - jamiel]
Shion - I heard that going to the bottom of the village, there is a descent in the middle of the valley. Yuzuriha ..... at that sky burial was … your mother and your father. And only the body of your brother, tokusa, fell into a deep place and was not found.
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Shion - Yuzuriha, you ... would everything be alright?
Yuzuriha - Yes. My dream ... is to become a warrior like you. But everything was fine. This is the duty for the person left over. Ah ... the birds took my father and my mother.
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Yuzuriha - Lord Shion! You came from the sanctuary especially for a task of Pope, no? I'm going to say goodbye to the souls of my parents. Do not worry about me. Certainly the master is also waiting anxiously.
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Shion - Ah .... I was going to become a warrior and some day we would fight in the war .... holy together as Saints . That's how I thought. It was like I believed the future should be .....
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The holy war….It’s the struggle for hegemony of the land unfolded between the goddess athena and hades, the king of the underworld, which is repeated every two hundred years since .... the mythological age. Involved, the immortal warriors chosen by the evil stars, the specters. against the hades, he repeats the invasions on the earth, the goddess athena, to protect the earth from evil, fought leading the warriors who were called Saints, designating a protective constellation for each one.
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Shion - Now there is the account of the fury of countless specters revived in various places. I have heard that several Saints are being sent to various places to subjugate the wraiths. Why is it that the Pope, who controls the Saints, sends me a Gold Saint to my hometown, Jamiel?
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Hakurei - How dare you come home after so long? What do you want from hakurei, your master, kid!
Shion - If it was not business, I would not come especially to venerate your face.
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Hakurei - I also had to leave a certain rebellious disciple .... and so? What's the business?
Shion - Coming from observing the stars, the pope, sage, said that there are signs of an evil star here in Jamiel.
Hakurei - Sage ..... certainly .... a turbulent cosmo has been surrounding Jamiel in these last days. So you noticed?
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Hakurei - I see. Sincerely, take care of yourself in this mission.
Shion - Absolutely.
Hakurei - Tokusa is dead and yuzuriha is going to get married. Being abandoned by 3 disciples is certainly depressing!
Page 17
Tokusa - I'm really sorry...
Shion - right now I felt a black cosmos rise ...... in the direction of yuzuriha’s house .... it can’t be. it can not be!
Page 20
Tokusa - However, the tokusa that ran along with you by the mountain ranges does not exist. Who is here now .... is nd one of the 108 evil stars, hanuman tokusa of the celestial star of the skill.
Shion - Why….
Tokusa - I have heard the voice of thanatos, who serves hades.
Thanatos - Wake up! Malicious star! Receive them to everlasting life. If you become a specter, you no longer need to fear death. Then offer compensation.
Yuzuriha - - Compensation? It can not be.....
Page 23
This is ... your life!
Tokusa - Sekishiki nyoi reirin!
Shion - What technique, it’s shooting the souls as pillars of light!
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Yuzuriha - Because I can not live. I understand . As before, I did not realize that I have to fight to protect something. Our lineage, the family crest, the thoughts of daddy and mama. I will protect you even in hell. everything..
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Yuzuriha - burn my body with your blood!
Tokusa - okay! I'll show you!
Page 29
Tokusa - My sister continued to marvel with admiration at your strength. Now my sister, even though she is a woman, is a great warrior. The fact that my sister is full of wounds in the battles is her guilt. She threw away her femininity and dedicated her body to the fight! So, at least!
Page 30
Tokusa - I'm going to dispel my sister's life with my own hands!
Shion - Tokusa ... our futures broke up.
Page 31
Shion - Stardust Revolution. Probably, my mission is .... as an older apprentice, to protect the way of yuzuriha of someone crooked like you. so with the last rituals for a dead man, at least sleep in the land of your hometown! tokusa !!
Page 36
Shion - yuzuriha of crane. along with ... your determination.