Chapter 87
Page 1
Cronus - Final attack? It looks like .... you do not even have something that looks like an attack. A blow that does not kill the adversary can not be called a blow. Now what are you going to do? Are you going to try it? With that miserable and impotent blow? Do you want me to make it easy for you, so at least you can hit me? So? What is it going to be?
Page 2
Aiolia - Lightning Plasma.
Cronus - The final and ultimate blow ... from this distance, to the burning clothes ... and he missed?
Page 3
Cronus - did you miss again ?!
Aiolia - Lightning plasma.
Cronus - It's just a bluff ... that's enough. I’m tired of this. You're satisfied, right? So ... it's enough, ne?
Page 4
Cronus - Dunamis Megas Drepanon
Page 5
Cronus - Dunamis pteryx
Page 7
Cronus -The world is already falling apart ... why don’t you crumble along with it? The divine wings of my megas drepanon reap and destroy the time of all existing things. You too had gone back to being a miserable atom. All the flames of time have died out. This land is bound to disappear into the Tartarus. Now I will ... into your sun-bathed world ... to destroy it.
Page 8
Cronus - but how ... he came to stop by my side ?!
Page 9
Cronus - Did you fool my eyes ?! And made me attack a projection of yourself ?! Walk on top of it ... all the Lightning Plasma thrown by him ... are they standing in the air?
Is he controlling all the spheres of lightning with his cosmos ?! It's the?! Photon Burst?! Still, it is useless, however much you concentrate the photons on me .... I have a fist fast enough to knock them all down in the air ....
Page 10
Cronus - Concentrated all the photons in his right hand ?! It’s different from the Photon Burst that launched against me ?! but it does not matter. If this is a blow that really exists ... I just need to use the divine wings to knock it down faster than the light ... because it can not move faster than I do.
Page 11
Aiolia - I do not have wings like you, Cronus, or like my brother, Aiolos ... but ... I still have my legs, that run the earth.
Aiolia - He came into my attacking field, in the blink of an eye !! before I even got superaccelerated !! And if the distance is practically zero ..... the fangs of the lion of gold ... never miss the target they always ....
Page 12
Cronus - An attack concentrated in one spot ?!
Aiolia - Reach the opponent! Photon Burst
Cronus - Am I defeated ?! But I am God !! If so ... then you too…..die with me.
Page 13
Aiolia - Lightning Bolt
Page 14
Cronus - Did he want that? Really? All because of the promise you made .... with ... your servant? And how could I ... kill this human ?!
Page 15
Cronus - Hades !! You're watching everything, I know !!
Hades - What do you want, cronus?
Cronus - One thing!! Just one single thing !! Return the gold lionto the surface!
Hades- And what would I get in return?
Cronus- All! Keep my dunamis! With all that is in me! I offer myself to you! So, please! Save this hero in human form….
Page 16
Cronus - take him to the land of light!
People of Titans - So this .... and the sunlight! But how beautiful ... and warm!
-Hm, calm down there. It is not because they are on the surface now .... that the people of the Titans will live wherever they please ....
People of Titans- what ?! Who's that ?!
-Calm down, no one is sending you back into the darkness. I am only saying that you will have to live in the place that the sanctuary grants them. It can be the island of the queen of death or andromeda ... you choose what you prefer ....
Page 17
Deathmask - But this is not a request...... and an order. Choose. The warriors wearing the black armor .... whoever refuses, dies here and now. And know that I have no mercy.
Page 18
Aiolia - In the sky a constellation had chosen the winner.
Have I returned to earth? The shine was not extinguished. I'm in the grave of my brother?
It was Cronus.... that saved me, right? The earth is full of light. I mean .... it was saved.
Page 19
Aiolia - Until fulfilling your mission, show the armor of power, reveal the way to win.
I did not win you like you ... my brother ... but ... did I at least become a worthy Saint... to carry the mane of the golden lion?
Page 20
tomorrow will be a blue tomorrow. And remember that light. It will guide me as a dream.
Page 21
ah! In my heart I keep this blue sky forever. It will shine
Page 22
I could not take the dunamis o Cronus! But ... I got other powers ... my goal was reached .... ah, surface inhabitants ....
Page 23
enjoy while you can ... this supposed peace.