Plant, tools & equipment hire

Credit/debit card details and some proof of customer identity are usually taken as a safeguard against theft. You might decide to offer customers insurance cover against theft or damage of larger, more expensive items. Interest in gardening has undergone a revival in recent years spurred on by the popularity of garden and home makeover programmes. These have encouraged people to redesign their gardens and have led to increased demand for garden tool hire.


Our repairs services covers both repairs and servicing of many different items, from general tools to garden equipment. There is a range of legislation that may apply to your tool hire business. Legislation designed to protect the health and safety of you and your employees, your customers and members of the public is of particular importance. You might decide to buy an existing tool hire business rather than start your own venture from scratch. Buying a going concern can mean that the products, customers, regular sales, staff, premises and equipment are already in place. Remember that all tools supplied for hire must comply with set safety standards.


Commercial property law is complex, but you can avoid common pitfalls. Whether you want to raise finance, join forces with someone else, buy or sell a business, it pays to be aware of the legal implications. While poor governance can bring serious legal consequences, Plant hire Northampton the law can also protect business owners and managers and help to prevent conflict. There are several pieces of legislation that apply to farm shops. They cover areas such as licensing, food safety, food labelling and waste. Simply register online at your office or in the comfort of your home and open a cash profile or credit account today.


You don't want to spend lots of money on equipment that is rarely, if ever hired, so you must consider whether the investment will be worthwhile in terms of the extra business brought in. When hiring tools, many people will simply look for the cheapest rates they can find. Competing with the prices charged by the large hire chain stores will be difficult, but you should try to ensure that your prices are at least broadly competitive with other nearby outlets. Other things that influence the demand for hire tools include changing fashions in garden and interior design. Tv programs have encouraged more people to try refurbishing their homes and gardens. From time to time popular trends emerge - for example garden patios became very popular some years ago, and more recently wooden decking has become fashionable.


As most tool hire shops have at least some private customers, the best policy may be to display both prices clearly. Many businesses also give discounts to employees, regular customers, family and friends. Check out your local opposition for ideas and keep a close eye on any special offers you do make to be sure that they are working for you.


When it comes to paying for your hire we have several methods in which you can pay for your equipment. We also include damage waiver to help protect you against bills for damaged equipment. You can return the equipment you hire toanybrandon hire station branch. Our professional staff will show you how to use the machine in the branch, but please also note the hirer should collect so he / she knows how to use the equipment. If you are collecting from us on behalf of someone else, please be aware we cannot be held responsible for any operating errors or faults. The growth has allowed us to establish a national network of branches that server our local customers in a more effect way.