connection for your business is crucial

Ethernet must be a real consideration for businesses with 10-15 employees. This is because all those people could be requiring the connection to the cloud at the same time. This number is then reduced in a more creative and thus more demanding environment, for example video production.
Fiber infrastruture is now becoming commonplace as copper lines are upgraded. Fiber internet connections are now being installed throughout the network to the buildings themselves. Having your fiber connection come right into your premises makes a great difference. The first fiber services advertised only featured FTTC (fiber to the cabinet) and used copper connections to do the last mile. Copper is not as efficient at carrying data as fiber, and therefore FTTP (fiber to the premises) allows for much faster internet speeds.

FTTP carries data all the way to your premises using fiber lines. This makes it around 10 times faster than FTTC, with speeds of up to 1Gbps.T1 is still one of the most common last mile connection types. This is why we offer a number of T1 options to suit your business needs. However, with Ethernet now dropping in price, we see businesses regularly replacing T1 Circuits and upgrading.

Additionally, the ability to prioritise traffic is an incredible feature that is certain to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Being able to prioritise important traffic such as a video conference call or VOIP over YouTube allows you to have enhanced capabilities and experiences with a lower bandwidth.

Similarly, backup is also reliant on connection."To use the cloud, connection is essential, and thus backup options are also essential." - QMAX Pumping Solutions.Diverse routing, sim enabled routers and mobile hotspots are all options that will provide you with that back up connection, in case your primary connection was to fail.

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