5 things you need to know about a Singapore Tourist Visa.

Need a Singapore Tourist Visa? You’re not alone; more than a million Indian travellers find their way to Singapore every year. The reason? Well, a combination of extremely affordable flight tickets, amazing things to do and see make the Lion nation one of the most preferred international destination for Indians. However, before you embark on your journey, you’ll first need to sort out your visa and this article will aim to make this process a little easier by highlight 5 things you ought to know about a travel visa for Singapore.

1. There’s no visa on arrival.
Many tourists leave their visa formalities for too late thinking that Singapore offers the visa on arrival facilities for Indian travellers. Then when they find out this option is not available, they have to make a mad dash to get their visa before they travel.

So, if you too were of the assumption that Singapore provides visa on arrival for Indians, it’s time you start looking to get your visa formalities done now because Singapore has no agreement with India as far as visa on arrival is concerned.

2. There are 3 ways to get a Singapore Tourist Visa.
You will have to apply for a visa before travelling through the 3 following ways. The first is to approach one of the agents authorized by the Singapore Overseas Mission. The second option would be to visit the Singapore Overseas Mission, if you have one close to where you live. The third option would have a Singaporean local apply for a visa on your half through the e-Service online using his/her SingPass/CorpPass.

3. Singapore visas take time.
Compared to other Asian countries, Singapore Tourist Visas take a little time. Some of the better travel agents will take as much as 5 days to process your request. This is a couple of days more compared to other Asian countries like Thailand or Sri Lanka that entail visa processing time of just 2 or 3 days.

4. The cost

Visa costs can add to the total expenditure of your trip. Especially if you’re travelling with a large family. Most travel agents will provide you visa services at around 1.8k or 2.5k. Now, if you are a party of 6 or 7 people, this can add-up to around 15K! So remember to allocated funds towards your Singapore Tourist Visa when deciding the budget for the trip.

5. You’ll need to submit a number of documents.

A valid passport with 6 months of validity from the date of travel and at least 2 blank pages, a specification-correct photograph, a cover letter stating the purpose of your trip, your bank statements proving that you have the required minimum balance to acquire the visa and a duly filled visa application form are among the more important documents required to obtain a visa for your visit to Singapore. 

These were 5 of the more important things you need to know when applying for a Singapore Tourist Visa. We hope these pointers are helpful and ensure your application process is an easy one! Good luck and safe travels.

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