What is the Best Tow Truck for Towing My Vehicle ?

One requires the services of a towing company in the least expected conditions. Vehicles break down suddenly and you are while you are headed on the highway, in the garage or in the parking. At such times, one requires the services of a reliable Towing Company for taking your vehicle to the auto shop. Many types of vehicles are designed for towing. Various kinds of towing trucks are present in the market for serving different purposes. The different models serve various kinds of purposes.

Read on further to know the design and benefits of the towing trucks.

Different types of towing trucks

Flatbed tow trucks: Flatbed tow trucks are the most popular and commonly used towing trucks across the globe. This kind of a truck consists of long empty bed having a flat top. The truck is moved upwards and downwards with the help of hydraulics. The flatbed trucks are designed to render a convenient use. Your vehicle just needs to be moved up the ramp or pulled up. Flatbed trucks are also very useful for towing vehicles that have been involved in an accident. Various kinds of boats and vehicles can be transported easily with the help of flatbed tow trucks. The flatbed tow trucks present the safest way to transport vehicles. A good towing company must possess a fleet of efficiently flatbed tow trucks.

Integrated tow trucks: These trucks are used for the purpose of heavy duty towing and are designed to have a much higher degree of specialisation. Integrated tow trucks are used to transport rigs and heavy-duty vehicles. There are extra axles present in the integrated tow trucks for providing added strength and stability. The arm is deeply embedded in the core of the trucks.

Hook and chain tow trucks: These tow trucks are used to tow different kinds of cargo. Hook and chain tow trucks were used exclusively in the past in any towing company. However, due to the availability of safer options, these are less commonly used now. A particular drawback of the hook and chain tow trucks is that there is a lot of pressure exerted on the vehicle that is being towed. Moreover, the wrapped chain can cause scratches and damage to the body of the towed vehicles. These trucks cannot be used for 4×4 drives as the drive train can get damaged. Nowadays, the hook and chain tow trucks are used to transport only the wrecked junk vehicles as any kind of further damage to such vehicles would not have any significant impact.

Wheel–lift tow truck: These tow trucks are similar to the hook and chain tow trucks. These trucks use a metal yoke in place of chains; thereby reducing the possibility of damage to the towed vehicle. The hydraulic lift is used to suspend the front or the rear side of the towed vehicle from the ground and pull it on. These are a low-cost but less safe option than flatbed tow trucks.

Flatbed tow trucks are the safest and cost-effective choice for towing most kinds of vehicles. A good Towing Company can offer various kinds of tow trucks in accordance with the requirements of the customer.