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FullHD8x8: Dexter Season 8 Episode 8 Watch Online Free Spader looks to be having such a good time as a Moriarty-like master crim in NBC's new action drama The Blacklist, it's hard not to be won over by the sheer ebullience of it all.

Spader plays former US military man turned career criminal Raymond "Red" Reddington as part-Hannibal Lecter, part-Keyser S�ze. Red's a global mastermind bon viveur with a taste for glib remarks, expensive hotels, and getting under the skin of his FBI captors. With neither political nor national allegiances, he's been selling his underworld genius to the highest bidder. Until now, that is.

Spader's relish in his role is matched by the pace of the pilot (directed by The A-Team and The Grey's Joe Carnahan, a man who knows a thing or two about action) which leaps from car-flipping explosion to armed pursuit to shoot-out without pause. When the action does FullHD8x8: Dexter Season 8 Episode 8 Watch Online Free , it's to introduce the cosy home life of rookie FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), the only agent to whom Red will speak for reasons that elude the Bureau, though - unless we're mistaken - seem bafflingly obvious to the audience.

Agent Keen's Clarice Starling-lite character is the source of the episode's woes. Fresh from Quantico (where presumably, she majored in exposition), Keen's introduction is stewed in clich� and dialogue of a kind only spoken by characters establishing their arc in network pilots. "You know I'm not going to let this job come between us and our family" Keen tells her husband two minutes in, "Don't forget it's our last adoption meeting today" he replies. "Our family is the only thing that matters" she tells him, and so on.

FullHD8x8: Dexter Season 8 Episode 8 Watch Online Free painful but just as clich�d are the genre staples The Blacklist folds into its first episode. Evidence is arranged on Perspex walls, a frantic bomb disposal comes complete with beeping countdown, a fugitive is tracked through the streets of the Capital, ruggedly handsome agents pursue international criminals with nicknames like "The Chemist", "The Innkeeper" and, probably, "The Florist", we're told you have to think like a criminal to catch a criminal� You've seen it, and its Washington D.C and Pentagon settings all before, undoubtedly, not that that should stop you queuing up for this particular go on the FBI theme park ride.

FullHD8x8: Dexter Season 8 Episode 8 Watch Online Free things make The Blacklist worth your time at this early stage. Firstly, its action sequences are very strong (one large-scale stunt stands out so much you have to pinch yourself that you're watching TV and not a glitzy popcorn action flick). Secondly, who doesn't want to see Spader's take on the several-steps-ahead, confidence-oozing spider amidst a vast criminal web archetype?

When there's big, American, high-powered fun to be had, originality and depth aren't everything. Don't expect to be captivated or challenged by The Blacklist, but do expect to be entertained.

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