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FullHDx9: Whodunnit? Episode 9 Watch Online Free the lead female cast, that leaves Emily Mortimer's Mac. While she's not been one for looking silly this season, her new seriousness sometimes comes off as harsh. While she rightly shouts down a teenager who tries to piggy-back to fame on the suicide of a gay classmate, she also has a really contemptuous scene with an undeserving Neal.

The reason for her outburst; Neal has been furnishing Will with updates on the Twitter-sphere during the show, and the #NewsNight tag is being hijacked by more gossip about our erstwhile anchorman. Mac is baffled that this concerns him more than his father's state, and the episode keeps coming back to scenes where Mac shoos Neal away so that she can convince Will to react appropriately.

FullHDx9: Whodunnit? Episode 9 Watch Online Free most of The Newsroom, these scenes range between shouting matches and tender speechifying, and despite the fact that you can see where it might be headed, the wrap-up for this plot is no less effective- when Will calls to leave him a message, he finds John has passed away, due to a complication. The very end of the episode, when Will blanks, live on air, is a haunting note on which to close things- at his most emotionally restrained, Jeff Daniels is at the peak of his powers in this episode.

News Night With Will McAvoy is an episode that feels a world apart from the uneven season we've had so far, and it happens to be head and shoulders above anything we've seen since last season's 5/1. It's that much more interesting to watch these characters - Sloan, Mac, Maggie - react to being humiliated or disrespected and take an active part, than to watch them be rescued or hectored by the guys, and certain scenes atone for a great deal of the complaints with previous episodes all on their own.

FullHDx9: Whodunnit? Episode 9 Watch Online Free bits of Operation Genoa evidence continue to miraculously fall into ACN's lap, an episode like this feels very welcome indeed. It feels less ambitious than usual, but the stacking of more interesting storylines makes for genuinely enthralling passages, before a surprisingly understated conclusion. To fall back into old habits would be an awful shame at this point, so here's hoping Sorkin stays on form.

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