Ruisheng Electric expects to make a breakthrough. After the company is listed in 2018, it will be more capable," said Zhu Fuzhen, chairman of Ruiqi Power, at the shareholders meeting, shouting to the shareholders of the audience. Ruiqi Power is the Sun Company of the Sub-Hanhan Group under the Hon Hai Group. After the listing, the stock price has been lost. Many minority shareholders have taken time off to the shareholders meeting and hope to understand the future opportunities of Netcom manufacturers.

Hong Defu said that due to the maturity of network security and network management (UTM) industry, fierce competition, slow growth, and software-defined network (SDN) to drive industrial transformation, traditional network security equipment is the largest revenue of Ruiqi The proportion of the business does feel the decline in customer purchases.

Zhu Fuzhen bluntly said that he will fly to the United States this week to visit cooperative customers. There are currently 2 to 3 potential investment targets, and he hopes to make breakthroughs in the future. The small shareholders expect Ruiqi Power to master the SD-WAN wave. Zhu Fuzhen said that Huahan Group has completed 10 mergers and acquisitions or investment in the past five years, and will accelerate integration in the future. The next five-year layout, Ruiqi Power is definitely one of the Group's priorities. .

"Ruiqi is very healthy, with a debt ratio of 35% and cash of 700 million yuan. No borrowing. If there is room for development, you can make an immediate investment." Zhu Fuzhen shouted to the shareholders of the audience. "Ruiqi wants to strengthen software deployment and expand profits." Base market, "The current software research and development manpower has increased from more than 10 people to 40 people.

In the past, Zhu Fuzhen helped Ruiqi win the first Israeli order. After visiting 11 customers in North America, 10 of them became partners. The minority shareholders also hope that Zhu Fuzhen will allocate more time to Ruiqi in the future.

Hong Defu said that Ruiqi plans to provide hardware and software services in the new market. The new market includes network storage solutions, smart grid, 4G and 5G mobile transmission equipment solutions, and the relevant investment cases are progressing, and it is expected to enter new markets quickly.

In terms of overseas layout, in addition to Japan and China, Ruiqi also established a US branch in the previous year. In May this year, it just invested in European friends, completed all procedures and became a subsidiary, and established a European base. In addition to 37% of the business exported to the United States has been 100% transferred to Taiwan manufacturing, the next stage, will also be prepared for online installation system program services, which will also be the new source of revenue for Realtek.

Follow Verizon's footsteps and stand up to eat tens of thousands of users

The company is regarded as the enemy by Ruiqi. The standing end has been in line with the trend of network virtualization (NVF) and software definition (SDN) since 2016, and the telecommunications market will be laid out in advance to welcome the 5G era. In 2018, the company's post-tax net profit per share was 3.92 yuan, a record high, and it also earned more than 3 yuan for 7 consecutive years. The compound growth rate of revenue for 8 consecutive years broke 15%.

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