What Is Biofloc Fish Farming

Biofloc technology 

Biofloc technology (BFT) is a new organism that is particularly productive in aquaculture and is a potentially innovative way to fish farming. This fish farming method is cost-effective in which hazardous or toxic materials for fish and shellfish are transformed into useful products, i.e., protein feed. The toxic substances that are converted to produce protein feed are nitrate and ammonia. Biofloc fish farming is the cultivation of Biofloc and it is most productive in the tanks exposed to the sun now, you know, “what is biofloc fish farming?”.

Some must-know benefits of biofloc farming

Among all the benefits of this latest aquafarming method, below are the few to be primarily considered.

•  Not only this farming technique is safe; it is also environment-friendly.

•  Biofloc technology regulates water quality and harmful pathogens

•  Value-added production of microbial protein feed is possible for aquatic farm structure.

•  Bioflocfish farming in USA is one of the best techniques to enhance environmental control overproduction.

•  This technology ensures zero water exchange.

•  The list of benefits also includessurvival rate, the performance of growth, etc.

•  It is a cost-effective and efficient technique for aquaculture.

•  Plus, the pressure on captured fisheries is also significantly reduced.

Since high-density fish rearing typically requires a particular system for waste management. Primarily, Biofloc is a system that treats waste. Biofloc fish farming material was designed to stop incoming water disease from entering a farm. In order to do cost-effective production, the use of more intensive types of aquaculture is always beneficial. Especially in the water-scarce areas or where land is costly.