Proper and Creative Wedding ceremony layouts always help to set the stage for a couple’s beautiful day and also the guests feel included in the wedding. The top 10 wedding planner in India suggest different creative ideas for the seating arrangements to be done in a wedding. The standard sitting arrangements of chairs are always a safe choice but there are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing unique ways of seating arrangements of guests at the wedding ceremony :


  1. We should make sure that everyone has a clear view:

Normally guests face forward towards the stage in a traditional ceremony layout,  and they understand where to look but usually, they find it difficult to make sure that they can see the entire ceremony. But we have to walk through the space and make sure that everyone has a clear view of the couple in a non-traditional seating layout. It is suggested to avoid placing chairs and benches where there is a large scale of floral arrangements, pillars, and arches.


  1. Plenty of space to be provided to the wedding parties:


A separate space should be reserved for bride-side people If the seating arrangements don’t allow space for them. The couple should remain the central focus.


  1. Proper Signage will avoid guest confusion:


Proper Signage will be a good option for the guests to understand the different locations at the wedding venue. In fact, many couples want the signage of “bride’s side” and “groom’s side” in favor of mixed seating. Front rows should be kept for the wedding party and close family members. The signage is mainly used to communicate exactly where guests can sit and where they can’t.


  1. Space should be used wisely for large guest lists :


The Unique sitting layout should be planned by keeping the comfort and space constraints in mind. It is suggested to plan a layout with the chairs positioned tightly together in a large wedding.


  1. Set the scene for an amazing photo :


Many couples have an idea of the scene they’d like to set for the photographs. For example, some of them wanted to have the mountains or the ocean view in the background. But to capture the ceremony with the stunning view in the background the photographer will consider the best setup. 

Hence, when choosing unique ways of seating arrangement at the wedding ceremony these are few factors to keep in mind. Pearl Events is the Best Event Planner in Delhi NCR that offers unique wedding planning services and provides different ideas for a successful wedding.