TMG 2020

Welcome back everyone, and hello new people 

The league settings are as follows:

$30 buy in

12 team

Auction Draft

$200 FAAB waivers

Draft Date: 9/5 or 9/6 evening/afternoon

0.5 PPR


6 bench spots, 2 IR (for covid?) 

everything else is standard scoring (4 pts for passing tds, etc etc)

If corona happens and play is stopped, everyone will be refunded and we'll just wait for next year (how fantasy basketball played out)

Members of the league
1. yuja
2. gainz_train69
3. BenchWellington
4. BrianMurse
5. yourname2221
6. nvrstopworking
7. Tyler
8. bully
9. sandcar
10. chroneos
11. HayZeus Christi
12. Juggs

some of us have a slack chat where we like to chat about sports/life/things in general, anyone in this league is welcome to join us (7 of us are in the slackchat). PM me for details on how to join

Things we can discuss

Draft time that works best for everyone (or the majority), lettuce be real you aren't that busy during the 'rona
corona IR spots
general shit talking
any adjustments to the scoring you'd like to propose (might not be possible based on yahoos default settings)

Payment will be done through Venmo to myself, as to save everyone the extra fees from LeagueSafe, and also to not have to deal with the region restrictions of Yahoo wallet. Let me know if this will be an issue for anyone. Due date will be by the end of this month.

If everyone wants to play for more, we can discuss that too