Ways to design a Yellow-themed nursery for your little one!

There are so many fun and exciting phases which you will experience when expecting a newborn. Decorating your baby's nursery is one of them!

With all of the options available in the market and decisions ahead of you as a new parent, it is helpful to know the ways to narrow down a style and color palette. Be it selecting color coordinated crib bedding, or the changing pad cover or the furniture, it should go with a pre-decided theme. For instance, if the theme is sunny and bright yellow, then you could go for the yellow wallpaper, a white crib with yellow crib bedding for the soothing contrast. 


How does color play an important role in setting up a nursery?


Although there is still a lot of scientific debate about how color affects infants, there is endless evidence which shows how color affects adults, as marketing executives have poured millions into this research. As a result of which, it’s no coincidence that most fast food restaurants are  painted red and yellow as these colors can make you feel more hungry.

So one should take advantage of all this research and use it to choose your nursery colors. While your baby may not perceive colors correctly initially, they will gradually when they get older and as already have been proven – color does affect us. It could be in the form of crib bedding, walls, or even furniture. Here we have some color theory which might help you to narrow down your choices. 


  • Yellow – Lively, Energetic, Cheerful – Yellow is sunny and bright but should be used with caution. Too much of it or too bright yellow can agitate a baby. Subtle yellow like the legal pads, enhances concentration and emotive thoughts.
  • Orange Warm, Comforting, Cozy – Orange is a comfortable color. It promotes a welcoming feeling, is friendly and puts reservations at ease. You can surely use a darker orange for a super-cozy atmosphere or bright orange for a punch of modernity.


  • Red Passion, Excitement, Emotional – Red is a bold color and attracts a lot of attention. It can work in a nursery as an accent but should be avoided wall to wall. 
  • Green Calming, Refreshing, Nurturing – It is the best color to use in a learning environment. It brings calmness of thinking and concentration. It is also very serene, calming and natural. 
  • Blue Healing, Subtle – Blue is calming, but be careful with the shade as Gray-blues can lean towards sadness. In correct amount, Blue increases productivity, but should be avoided around food. In the nursery, use warm or bright blues. It is also cooling, which is good for a baby who gets warm easily.
  • White Clean, Pure, Innocent – White as a color is absolutely angelic and sweet but can also promote secretiveness. Therefore avoid choosing an all white theme, rather use splashes of color to evoke emotion and openness. Along with this, it definitely is prone to stains, especially the crib beddings!

Where to begin when shopping for the theme?

If you are not sure where to begin as far as nursery shopping goes, it’s recommended picking out the crib bedding first. It will help you narrow down colors, shapes and/or animals. Also, it will help you choose a fantastic crib. Many people tend to forget this, but the crib and the crib beddings are usually the focal point of a nursery. Invest a lot of care and love into it, and everything else should fall into place organically. Do not worry much about painting a fantastic mural first. Starting simply with the step of crib bedding leads to great things.

If you are someone who cringes at the word "theme”, it’s understandable. At the same time, if you are a parent who loves the word "theme," It’s understandable as well. The trick in the picture is to control a theme. Don't let it control you. Like for example, your theme might be two colors or an animal or a poem, and there's a lot possible with that, no matter if you plan to go minimal or all out with your theme. Even if you prefer to keep things simple, try to have the furniture match, and focus on things such as crib bedding, art work, color selection and perhaps a rug to unify your nursery.


Another step is to look into the material and its textures

In addition to color, the materials and texture in your nursery can make it unique. Different fabrics also set the mood and tone in the room to give it a more plush and cozy feel. The rich textures of your baby's furniture are a place to begin with. Play up these rich elements of your décor with the dimension and pop of thick area rugs, woven blinds or soft pillows. Bulky chairs and colorful wallpaper can help you to incorporate more texture into your child’s nursery. Also, cozy blankets made out of fur or velvet are both adorable and functional. 



Expecting parents already have so much to worry about. Fretting over nursery themes should not be something that adds  onto the stress, so make the project fun at every step where you can. Take a few minutes to look at crib bedding, and if you love a Yellow crib bedding, here's your starting point at https://www.risingstarbabybedding.com/