Chapter 104

Page 1

Seiya - This Aiolia ... is not Aiolia the one we know?!

Shun - Similar beings can not exist in the same world ..... from the moment one perceives the presence of the other, they are attracted ... and finally both kill themselves. Either one must murder their respective counterpart ... and after that nothing was left but destruction.

Page 2

Ikki - Both will seek to extinguish completely .... this is annihilation. Whoever has this possibility will eliminate everything.

Seiya - Ikki! you have saved yourself !!

Page 3

Shun - Brother ... we will not see each other for so long ... please, then tell me what happened to you so far …

Ikki- There will be no "after". Everything just started now.

Shun - Brother ... brother, what the hell did you experience ?!

Page 4

Shun- In the eyes of my brother ... this death is recorded in a deep and terrible black tone.

Ikki - Esmeralda…..

Esmeralda- ah ... ikki? What is it? You look scared

Page 5

Esmeralda - now .... I just kiled myself. After all I'm enough ... it’s enough that only I .... that only I love you.

Page 6

Ikki - My destiny .... is to end it all.

Seiya - Shun ?!

Shun - Brother! That is?! Were they two Esmeraldas? Was that a massacre ?! How far has it increased .... the evil of the "second" Esmeralda?

Page 7

Ikki - I do not know the reason ... but two identical existences exist at the same time in this world. On the one hand, the possibility that they come as they were before is high .... but on the other hand, it is possible that they come as a terrible and brutal being. And that way, that person can become someone who can not do anything but destroy everything. It's as if he's swallowing a demon.

Seiya - If this is the case, then Aiolia ... this Aiolia who is before us ...

Page 8

Seiya - He became as violent as a demon?!

Aiolia - Lightning Implosion!

Page 9

Lightning Max Limit!

Page 10

Ikki - The ninth Sense grows even more! Will he  able to master it ?!

I alone can not do anything against it!

Page 12

Seiya - Hyoga ?! Shiryu ?!

Hyoga - You have become a very boring person!

Shiryu - Seiya, did you mean that stopping him would be impossible?

Shun - Thank you ... everyone ... who came ...

Ikki - leave these words of reunion for later ....

Aiolia - Let's go .... killers of gods.