network function virtualization

Network automation is reliant on orchestration with every component of the data center. This means that if a component is changed, such as a server or storage configuration, a change will then be required on the network, as well. Network changes have to happen fast, and automatically.
Network automated switches eliminate the need for lengthy, manual staging. Proper images and configuration are downloaded automatically upon being turned on. Network automation makes it possible to recognize devices as they’re added and automate their set-up.
Network management and operations can also be automated and informed by analytics. Network automated switches should be able to automatically respond to alerts and events.
To unleash new levels of business innovation and competitive advantage, today’s organizations are embracing digital transformation. However, their success depends on building an agile business and agile IT. In the digital era, automation is key to IT agility.

Consult with all teams before making a decision
Gartner says that a siloed view toward tool acquisitions critically undermines network automation initiatives for nearly 70% of enterprises. Often, there’s considerable overlap between the requirements of NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps teams that can be met by extending the capabilities of the purchased tool. Not involving the teams in the acquisition discussions can result in serious gaps in overall operations.

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