Chapter 106

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-The world is crying ... the black core ... disappeared ?! kiki!

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-The black nucleus is gone!

-Gravitational earthquake approaching in five seconds!


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-Sir ... kiki ....

Kiki - all those who had synchronized their minds ... succumbed at the same time with just one blow! He went through the psychic blockage. This great collapse presents itself as a sonic psychic wave. It’s an impact that has crumbled the world!

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Kiki - But the barrier that protects the planet ..... the crystal wall can not be destroyed! a great tremor is occurring ... on the inner side of the barrier! If the upper world is still good .... then the impact of this tremor …

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Kiki - Was it in the kingdom of the seas? No ... it was in hell ?! one of the worlds ... has disappeared forever!

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Kiki - The disappearance ... of hell!

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-Hell will disappear in silence. Even Hades can not prevent this destruction. the dead will disappear and now there will be nothing left but the total panic ... but the dead also have their desires. At least that's left ... the world will be protected ...

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-With the power of cancer I was able to maintain this imposing appearance. but I do not know how long I can keep it. And you, what are you going to do?

-What will I do?

-Have you nothing to say before disappearing into complete darkness?

-There is something that ... we can do.

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-In those who are already dead we can do something .... may even be insignificant ... but I trust all my strength in the person who inherited my will.

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-if we trusted those ... who inherited our will ... surely there will be a  hope ... greater than anything else.

Page 12

-So I choose to believe.

Yoshino-Shura? What is going on?

Shura- Yoshino ... I'm going away for a while.

Yoshino-Are you going somewhere? Shun and Hyoga are gone, too. So when will you come back?

Shura - I'll be fine. I'll go back to the two of them ... I promise.

Page 13

Shura - Trust me. We will all be back. We will come back to live in this world.

Page 14

Yoshino - yes ... I understand ... but ... why this now? what is happening?

Shura- Do not worry, okay? that's right, I'll make everyone come back. We, the golden Saints of the past, could not do it. but this time ... it will be okay if I can not go back with the others ....

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