vidmate from 9apps

Aspiring filmmakers require the right software to produce their projects, along with the tools and high-quality videos, they desire a program that makes using all these professional tools effortless. The Vidmate app is the right match for all those young video artists, providing them with the means to make a video a success.

This application has an outrageously large amount of positive reviews from its users and rightly so, with the various features they provide this app is a must-have and can be obtained from the 9Apps store along with other games and apps that can be downloaded.

This app can alter the mode of your video by providing you with different themes, filters, and effects that you can select from depending on your preferences. If you are using the self cam these features ensure you look your best and give you a brilliant vlogging experience.

This video editor ensures its user with all the basic features to edit a video such as cropping, merging, trimming, compressing and many more. All these options to help prim your film are easily accessible to all its users with the menu bar present at the top and bottom of the app’s interface.

Add in your favorite tracks by importing the music from your device or simply chose using the app's library. The app’s stock of music is licensed and can be used to increase the wow factor of your video. Add a personal touch by inserting a voice recording in your film that can be a narration or for any other purposes which you can also modify to appear as a robot or a minion.

Texts can be put in the video using the diverse options this app grants you, alter the default text by changing the style, font, color, size or if you want can directly write on the video screen as they offer the feature create unique styles and add them to the video easily.

Monitor the progress of your film by using the ‘special lense’ to view your clip before and after editing. The popular feature of PiP enables you to insert a picture during a video, this technique is often used in YouTubers videos to indicate something they are refereeing too.

Get all these features and create an amazing video that is saved on your device in high quality. The videos used are also exported into the app in high definition ensuring that there is no loss in the quality.

Make tones of videos or other types of media like GIFs, vlogs, short videos of TikTok, memes and lots more. To have access to more privileged features one can opt for Vidmate PRO that offers no watermark on videos, supports exporting of HD videos, several text effects (like scrolling titles), longer GIF limit.

One simply has to renew their membership to the PRO version every month and has a free trial period of all the VIP features before the purchase is made. This app can be downloaded on Android as well as iOS devices from the 9Apps store and prepare yourself to share all these amazing videos to all your friends and family.