This is regarding your anicon project.

  • The program crashes if special characters are present in the folder name. The ones I checked with were: ,  (used as a replacement for colon in Windows directories), and ؟ (replacement for ?).
    • The .ico file gets downloaded and renamed; desktop.ini also gets created, however, desktop.ini doesn't get written and folder/file attributes don't get changed. So, the problem is before this point in the code.
    • When a manually created desktop.ini points to .ico files with such special characters in their names, the folder-icon change apparently doesn't work, so it's probably necessary to strip those characters altogether.
  • In Manual mode, the displayed numbers appear to be displaced by one i.e. entering 0 chooses the option in front of the number 1, entering 1 chooses option 2, entering 2 chooses option 3, and so on.
    • This was reproducible. Checked with folders named: "Arifureta", "danmachi", "DanMachi Sword Oratoria", and "Shakugan No Shana".
    • The line - return(results['results'][int(ch)-1]['image_url']) - might be the problem here.
  • There are several complaints over the internet regarding folder icons not refreshing in Windows File Explorer (1), (2), (3), (4). In my experience, the File Explorer appears to aggressively cache the displayed thumbnail of an .ico file or a folder based on their paths. If a new .ico file or a folder (with an icon) were to have the same path as of a previously created .ico file or a folder, then the older icons would get displayed instead of those of the newer files.
    1. One solution to get around this bug is to change the path of the folder either by renaming it or moving it. Reverting the path change i.e. by undoing the rename/move, again displayed the old icon. This hack would be problematic when the user doesn't want to change the path.​
    2. Another way is to use the Windows Explorer Refresh feature present in Icaros. Toggling the Activated/Deactivated buttons for Thumnbnailing and Properties or pressing the Refresh button inside Tools, instantaneously refreshed all the icons (tested with Icaros v.3.1.0). However, when the desktop.ini file is edited, then to properly update the icons, aside from the Activated/Deactivated buttons, the desktop.ini file also has to be renamed (to whatever, even changing the letter case works) and then renamed once more, back to desktop.ini.
    3. If both above methods don't work, then try changing the layout of the folders in File Explorer. In List or Details view of Explorer, the new folder icons will show up, but for some reason not in others. In this case, while inside the folder, the icon will show up in its address bar too.
These tests were done in Windows 10 Version 1903 and changing the Cache settings of Icaros didn't appear to make any difference.​


  • Sometimes antivirus applications can force the executable to run first in a kind of sandboxed mode, choices are made, execution completes and then anicon.exe is reopened outside the sandbox, to remake the choices which actually take effect this time.