Game pigeon for android

Game pigeon is a popular multiplayer fun game for Apple users.It's really very popular since its release. It’s also a kind of messaging app for iPad or iOS users. This app let you connect with your friends and familiar persons and interact with them.Game pigeon is a fun game that lets you have a good time with your friends group and family.This app has a lot of games in it so you don’t have to download the bunch of games you can play a multigames in this app.But this service is only available for Mac,iPad or iOS users.


Why isn’t GamePigeon on Android?

GamePigeon is based on iOS software so it’s only available for iOS, iPad or Mac users so it expanded that users could interact with Apple's app.It is not compatible with Android.


Can you play GamePigeon on Android? 

It’s not easy to play game pigeon on Android but it’s possible with the alternatives.you have to just download the apps outside of the Google Play store.These alternative apps provides the similar competition among friends and Game pigeon.Thus playing live games with friends and family on Android is possible with these alternatives.

For e.g-

  1. Hago is a popular online game available on both Android and IOS store.It has over a 100 online games that both users can play.
  2. Plato is another game similar to Hago that has 45 online games.


How to download Game pigeon on Android:

There is no direct way to download this game app on Android because it’s not available on Google play store but there is some third party apps like-

  • weMessage is an app that works as iMessage for Android.Using weMessage you receive the Game request and play many games with your friends.


GamePigeon Alternatives for Android and iOS:

Here are some alternatives that can use by Android user instead of GamePigeon:-

  • Facebook
  • Telegram
  • Plato
  • Poko


Steps to download GamePigeon on Android:

To download the GamePigeon for Android, follow these steps-


Step 1-


Download the app from the official site.


Step 2- 


Try java development kit 9.


Step 3-


Download the macOS file from it.


Step 4-


Go to macOS settings and run the terminal command.


Step 5-


Now write your Email ID or password.


Step 6-


Connect your android with macOS.You will have to go through the application download message.


Step 7-


To log in, enter the IP address of macOS.Also type the ID or Password.


Step 8-


Now you can check by typing some text. From your iOS device to your Android device.

It may be take three minute to show the notification of your message on an Android device.


Can you get iMessage on Android without a Mac?

There is one way to send and receive messages on iMessage using an Android device through an app named BlueBerry. Users can use this app to run iMessages on Android devices.


Are APK files safe?

APK files are generally safe.The most important thing to note is that you should download the APK files from the trusted sites then you don’t have to worry about these files.



I hope now you can understand that how to play GamePigeon on your Android system.I am also an Android user and i play well this game by using these alternatives.It is not troublesome to play on Android devices.You can play well and interact with your friends.you should try the alternatives which i mentioned above and you will be able to play well and connect with lot of people.I hope you will enjoy the game on your Android device.