A video message by the central Leader Talib e Haq Fazlullah Khurasani HafizahULLAH (May ALLAH safeguard him) regarding current conditions.


In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

The aim of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan is to implement the law of ALLAH on the Earth of ALLAH. And this will be the result of our Jihad. For Islamic ideology we have to accord sacrifices. By the grace of ALLAH those who believe that implementation and uprising of Shar’iah is their actual goal and absolute ambition, know that the implementation of this Shar’iah is impossible without practicing Jihad and Jihad is impossible without unity.

By the grace of ALLAH, the cracks which were developed by ISI in this Tehreek and organization have almost uprooted. All Mujahideen believe that unity is mandatory and this is a collective obligation and without Jihad there is no any consequence. They are also firm in this belief that difference is Haraam, sin, torment and the inheritance of Jews and Christians. Allah has strictly warned those who differ in opinions in His book.

By the grace of ALLAH, in Pakistan we are working on the basis of ideology and doctrines. Allah has fixed a particular time for every task and we are waiting for that. “We will surely destroy the wrongdoers” is the promise of ALLAH with those who have revolted him, encroaching His laws and are doing enmity with ALLAH. In the same way. In the same way “The disbelievers will not succeed” and “The wrongdoers will not succeed” that they will never get rid of the punishment. It is also the promise of ALLAH that those who remain sincere and united on the path of Jihad and Dawah with full time obedience then He will remove the Pharaohs from their path and will destroy them. This is also mentioned in the Quran “If you support Allah, He will support you”.

I call upon all the scholars of Islam and every Muslim generally and particularly that incapacitated condition of oppressed Ummah is in front of you people. Have mercy upon them. What is not being done in Pakistan? Blasphemy of ALLAH, Quran, Prophet SAW. No one has forgiven the mosque and Madrasahs, beard and turban, females and aged and they even didn’t forgive the children and mads. O ulama’ (religious scholars), it is your responsibility. You are like the soul and the public is like the body. When the body has no soul then it is called dead. It is your responsibility to wake up the public, make them zealous for Islam and humanity, tell them their level and inform them about the system provided by the ALLAH almighty. 

You also know that “The silentperson is participant of the agreed person and the agreed is participant ofdoer”. The silence, whose sequence is continued, is violating the rituals of ALLAH. The direct loftiness of ALLAH’s deenis being happening. You are aware of the command of remaining silence at this time. Don’t become government and court mufti. Don’t back the evils. The camel of Hazrat Saleh Peace be upon Him was a miracle which was created by ALLAH from a stone and one person killed that camel.But Allah Almighty punished the whole nation. Pakistan can only survive if it adopt the ideology of the Shar’iah for which Allah created this Earth and Sky. This paid killer and shameless army cannot protect it from Allah’s torment. We have said this again and again that there is no concept of this regular army in Islam who killed their own nation and occupied their properties and for 70 years they gave more than half of their lands and seas to the enemies and not occupied an inch of land of enemy. Who can prove this kind of example in history of Islam, we couldn’t find it in our religion.  In Islam there is concept of Jihad. At this time Jihad ud Daf’ (Defensive jihad) is being conducted which is obligatory to each and every Muslim. It is written in Islamic books that when Jihad becomes Fardh Ayen i.e. obligatory for each Muslim no one has to take permission from any one, Jihad becomes obligatory for each and every men and women and every Muslim becomes a fighter and a Murabit (Defender of borders). Everyone has to sacrifice themselves for protecting Islam. We would desert our homes and orphan our children and widow our wives but we will defend Islam and we are created for this cause.

I would like to address and request my Nation that our prophet Muhammad Peace be upon Him said that “How unfortunates are the Quraish that war has eaten them. What if they have left me with all the people, if they want to get me then their desire will be fulfilled. If Allah has granted me to overcome them they would accept Islam and they wouldn’t have the ability of war.”

So I would like to say to my nation that we have stood against this infidel democratic system, don’t be an obstruction of our path. You should be aside. Don’t be a part of this system we can tolerate cruelty but we can’t tolerate this and we will take revenge. If ALLAH wills. I believe you all as Muslim and as a Muslim it is obligation to you to overthrow this system and implement Shar’iah. You will also have to face ALLAH (in the day of judgement) and that day, one day will be equal of fifty thousand years, there will be no any army, nation, home, children, wealth  or power between us and ALLAH. You should remember the dreadfulness and horridness of that day.

And ALLAH has placed happiness and honor for here and Akhirah (hereafter) in our religion. There are blessings in it, safety of wealth, honor, mind and life.

By the grace of ALLAH, the step to make the Tahreek well organized, has been completed. Whoever believes that the purpose of life is to implement Shar’iah, I would like to say them that this is not possible without Jihad, you have to fight for this cause. And we request every Muslim that you should resolve your misunderstandings and doubts, by the grace of ALLAH we have Ulama’ (scholars) who can satisfy you with evidence.

The second step for the companions is that it is the best time to target the blasphemers of our prophet (Peace Be upon Him), we want such individuals whether they are students of Colleges and University or any other institution or environment in this world, that should take revenge for the sake of their Prophet (Peace be upon Him) through their flesh and bones, If ALLAH wills.

Everyone is in search for these blasphemers and to punish them and history would remember this. It is an obligatory for everyone to be prepared against them and fight against them. And we should sacrifice and leave our interests and only focus on one thing that is to do Jihad as it was done before. And by the grace of ALLAH we should tell the whole world with proof that we started this Jihad with evidence and knowledge. And we will continue it as it was and will not be influenced from these conditions, and will not neglect the deeds.

And this will be our slogan “Piety, kindness, Peace, Disavowal will be the symbol of Muslim if he wants Shar’iah,

Without Unity, Dawah, Patience and Steadfastness, there is no any other path to paradise”

I would like to request all the leaders and order all the companions that demolish this infidel System, making your flesh and bones as cartridges and use all of your resources, strength, and skills for it. By the grace of ALLAH, There is power, honor, freedom and Peace in fighting (Jihad)