NANaPi.jp with tenfold income in three months!!! Wow Tenfold Revenue

Today, I, Mr. Ta, would like to update and awaken the AdSense trend a little more. Today, I'll take an example for a website that has a fair amount of traffics in hand. It's an Asian website, btartboxes. I think we're definitely not familiar with it because it's a Japanese website.

The beginning of NANAPI.jp

NANAPI.jp is a content service website that focuses on providing useful information for visitors. With content that covers every category in recommendations, tips and tricks in the form of articles, which is the content that NANAPI.jp has created and is the highlight of attracting users to use. Consistent and consistent service

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NANAPI.jp was founded in September 2009. The goal is to meet users' needs for good information, advice on life through various categories of articles (approximately academic website Vichkarn.com or web But Nanapi.jp will focus on articles and as a selling point. Nanapi.jp started as a website that can be displayed in a normal desktop and started developing a mobile version for Saamrt phone, smart phone used by users. more work As of August 2012, Nanapi.jp had 40 million Pageviews and 9 million Unique Visitors through Desktop Unique Visitors, more than through Mobile Devices. is that Page Views via Mobile Device are higher


Start Using Google AdSense

Before Nanapi.jp came to Google's Contexual Ads service, in the past used other Ads Network services that failed to meet the team's needs for Content and Advertisers and Contents Consistency, and Ads, including management systems that require a team to contact matters Advertisement & Sponsors

The reason why Nanap.jp chose AdSense was because in the beginning the team decided to focus on Contents rather than earning. But when it hit 10 million views, we started placing a 300×250 rectangular ad in the top right corner. And it made us earn much more than expected.

What surprises Nanapi.jp is the quality of Ads that are highly consistent and relevant to the Contents content on the website. And eliminate the worry about Ads that will destroy the format of the content and website design. And this is the reason why I started using AdSense.

After Nanpi.jp increased the number of AdSense Ads on every Pages, ad revenue tripled in three months!!!


While Nanapi.jp's content has multiple categories, AdSense is able to deliver ads that are highly aligned with the content. It can be difficult to show relevant ads. But with AdSense contextual targeting, relevant ads can automatically appear where users who visit Nanapi.jp before they take any action. For a visitor to click on a relevant ad and leave the site, Nanapi.jp opted in to 336×280 by positioning it at the bottom of our article to capture this kind of user behavior.

Company Profile : CEO :Mr. Furukawa, Mr. Saito, the Director of Ads

Key Success : Nanapi.jp

Ads Relevant 's high traffics category covered content.

Conclusion: Last but not least, for those of you who stick to quality websites and have exclusive content Niche Market, let's just say you're on the right track.