Painting is an art that expresses ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain stylish creativities. Art helps us to communicate in a different personal language and signs. This is beneficial for all people specially for those who have problems in expressing and a lack of communication and other disabilities. The elements of painting language are shapes, lines, colours and textures that are used in various ways to make it attractive, shiny and light on a flat surface. These elements are gathered into expressive patterns in order to reflect reality or supernatural fact, to clarify story themes, or to create abstract visual relationships. Painting is an individual activity in virtual class or painting group.


Most of the people like painting, artists enter into their own world of creation, a world full of possibilities and imaginations. The incitement of the creative mind allows the positively isolated from their immediate reality, which gives a mental rest that lowers the stress and generates relaxation and boosts up happy feelings. Painting helps us get distracted from problems and also helps us to transform it into something else. The choices of the structure, as well as the artist technique, to combine a unique visual image and emotions these are the part of our creative world that we all carry in our mind, emotions flow through painting and helps in creating harmony between the heart and the mind, which leads us to experience happiness, love, empathy and peace.


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