3 Essential Aspects of Marriage that Cannot Be Neglected

Walking down the wedding aisle and exchanging the wedding vow, meant for a lifetime, is the most meaningful moment for anyone who is deeply in love. As romantic as it may sound, how many couples do stick with each other for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, 'till death do us part?

Looking at the increasing number of couples getting a divorce each year, one can’t help but to think about the possibility of staying in marriage for a lifetime. Is that possible? Let’s explore the factors that make a lasting marriage.

After that magical day of exchanging marriage vow, many couples think that their childhood fairy tale of “prince charming marrying a beautiful princess” is indeed a dream come true. This fairy tale ends with living in each other’s embrace happily ever after. Many couples wish that if reality can last a moment and fairy tale a lifetime; they can indeed live a blissful and problem free marriage. But the truth is, the moment you and your spouse are pronounced “husband and wife”, reality of starting a marriage begins.

Couples have to view marriage as a life long experience to nourish each other mentally, emotionally and physically. There is no other relationship as enjoyable and blissful as marriage. Sad to say, the opposite is also true. When one’s marriage fails, it causes devastation and heartache that leave both husband and wife separated, parting for an unfamiliar path and future, unknown. Before you arrive at the crossroad deciding whether or not to end your marriage, think about some changes you can make to save your shattered marriage.  

How often do you spend time nourishing your spouse mentally? It simply means giving your spouse encouragement, strength and stability to achieve more in life, in terms of health, career, friendship, wealth or personal interest. Many wives would readily yell at their hubbies when they watch their favorite soccer team on television. 

On the other hand, husbands at times are quick to criticize their wives’ failure, leaving their wives’ self esteem wounded. Marriage is intended to be blissful; couples have to work towards that. Learn to set priorities together as a couple. Take time to explore new hobbies together, try talking about your goals and ways to achieve them and don’t forget to be generous in giving positive feedback. 

How often do you spend time nourishing your spouse emotionally? Isn’t it amazing that we are made to express and contain feelings? Imagine marrying to a person who is the closest resemblance to a “robot”.  Do you remember your spouse’s delightful response the last time you say “I love you more each day darling”? That is what emotional nourishment is all about. Giving yourself to make your spouse happy and even in moments of sadness, you are never out of sight to offer continuous comfort and support.

All too often, this aspect of marriage is greatly neglected. Many couples are uncomfortable to show their genuine emotions to their spouses in fear of being ridiculed or rejected. This is especially true for men due to the masculine appeal passed down from past generations. Couples who go through a wide spectrum of emotions, from exhilaration to utter hopelessness, tend to hold their marriage dearer as compared to couples who don’t. Learn to be a good listener and withhold your judgments as it only worsens the situation. Trust will be build overtime as your spouse shares more of himself or herself emotionally with you.  

How often do you spend time nourishing your spouse physically? When the busyness of life begin to take a toil on couples, spending time caressing, kissing, and hugging seem to be the “unchecked” item on one’s daily “To Do Checklist”. Needless to day, couples sexual life is also greatly affected, leaving them unsatisfied and disappointed. Just how important is sex to married couple? Research has shown that couples who maintain a healthy sexual life tend to find their marriage more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Take time to relax and shut yourself from busy schedule to spark the right mood for sex with your spouse. Pamper your wife with roses and chocolates, don’t forget a love note “My Dear and Sexy Wife, You are simply irresistible!” As for wives, put on sexy lingerie and watch your hubby’s heart races to caress you.  

From the first day of marriage, couples have chosen to live their lives together despite whether their health or wealth fails them.  Thus, marriage should never be given up easily. Always seek to give to your spouse and do not keep asking to be given. When our life journey ends on earth, the only valuable thing left for your spouse is the memories of the moments you kept giving to nourish your spouse mentally, emotionally and physically. Start giving to your spouse today!